This weapon, Jackal 21, is property of Ishimura_Elite.

Jackal 21 is a custom weapon owned by Yamato Haseo in End War Online
Jackal 21
Item Info
Kanji ジャッカル21
Romaji Jakkaru 21
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Firearm
Sub-type Sawn-off double-barrel shotgun


Jackal 21 is a modified Browning Cynergy over-under shotgun.

Modifications include.

  • The weapon is a sawn-off, with most of the barrel cut off and the wooden handle grip being reduced to the new length, with the stock being cut off as well.
  • Twin triggers to allow for individual barrels to be fired, or both at once.
  • A quick release mechanism to allow for opening the breech in one motion, and a specialized latch to allow for a flip-up lock for quick reloads.

The Jackal 21 utilizes a powerful 16 gage buckshot to obliterate any target up close.

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