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Personal Info
Real Name Akira Tsukari
Kanji ツキラ 瑛
Romaji Tsukari, Akira
Birthday October 17th, 2008
Age 14(SAO)
17/18(New ALO)
Gender Female
Height 1,55mts
Weight 47kg
Occupation Student
Family Gawn(Boyfriend, Former)
Diana (Sister)
Player Profile
Display Name Kana
Kanji (Display) カナ
Romaji (Display) Kana
Epithet "Hellcat" (New ALO)
VR Played Sword Art Online
New ALfheim Online
ALO Race Cait Sith
Occupation Guild Member
Affiliation Pendragon Court (SAO)
Knights of the Blood (New ALO)
Voice Actor Shiho Kawaragi
Appears In Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes
Sword Art Online: Clashing Blades
Sword Art Online: New Aincrad

I RIVAL ANY MAN! In all things.
~ Kana

Kana is a player of Sword Art Online and New ALfheim Online. On SAO, she was member of Pendragon Court. On New ALO, she's member of the Knights of the Blood. She is the sister of Diana


Sword Art Online

Kana has skyblue eyes and brown short hair. She wears brown shoulder pads, with a green flag with the symbol of Pendragon Court on it. She uses a vest armor, her pants and stockings. She uses brown boots and forearm brown protectors. She uses a new belt and the scabbard of her daggers is at her back. During the last week of Sword Art Online, she used the bandanna of Gawn on her neck as a short circular scarf.

New ALfheim Online

Kana's avatar keeps her appearence from SAO. She decided to be a Cait Sith. Her hair is a bit longer, with two cat ears on the sides of her head. The rest of his hair is tied with a green ribbon in hte back of her head. She still wears Gawn bandanna on her neck and a black and white top connected to her leather shoulder protectors. On her arms, she wears brown forearm protectors.

She wears tight dark green short pants, with a belt  where she carries her daggers. Her cat tail can be spotted out of a small hole on her trousers. On her legs, she uses stockings, which get bigger the closer to her feet, where she puts boots of the same color.


She tends to be kind and very sweet with those around her, but she can develop a much more serious personality when she is angry. She can becoming aggressive, savage, and show a powerful personality. Kana is battle-hardened, and frequently boasts of her skills in combat. She normally fights with twin daggers, and also shows skill in unarmed combat. She enjoys challenging men to battle, wanting to prove that her strength is on par with, or greater than any man's.

She has a softer and more friendly side that she only shows to her sister or her close friends.



She is her sister and the closest person in the game. She cares a lot about her and they are almost never separated. Kana tries to always help her sister, so does Diana. They are also a battle team, due to Kana's specialty being close quarters, and Diana's long distance.


Kana at first was suspicous of Galant's abilities as leader, but she later began to appreciate him and they became good friends. She also tries to help her sister to become lovers with him. 

After the death of the remaining members of the Royal Knights, she despised Galant for Gawn's death, her former boyfriend. Yet, he was unfairly accused of killing them, and sent to prison. After discovering the truth, she began to trust him much more.


Gawn and Kana originaly had a tense relationship when they met each other, yet they quickly became friends. After spending time together, they became closer and closer, until they became a couple, though they never got married. 


She and her sister met him when he became his trainer, in a similar way he does with Asuka and they quickly became good friends. Kana got along faster with Ishi, proving that even for a girl, she was as though as him. She greatly respects his abilities and his skill at battle. Kana often forces Ishi to calm down by pulling one of his ears.  


They met while Trinity was on a scouting mission for Knight, and she suggested Diana and Kana to join Pendragon Court. Kana and Trinity got along quickly with her, becoming friends in a short time. Kana learned some french from her. She generally insults or speaks in french when she doesn't want people to undertand her.


She and Diana met Kirito and KoB on the 55th floor of New Aincrad. They joined the guild after this. She has deep trust and faith on Kirito, believing he will win the GAW.


Kana and Jack quickly bonded once Jack joined their guild. They have a friendly relationship with eachother.


Sinon and Kana originally had a tense relationship. They often insulted and discussed with eachother. However, after they had to team up to fight in a competition, they started to have a better relationship.


Kana first fought against Lyn for the first time during the Battle of Muspel. During this occation, Lyn bested her and seriously injured Kana. As result, Kana seeks payback from her.


After training and practice received by Ishi and other players, Kana became a master utilizing backhanded twin daggers.  Her preferred method of combat is to close-in on her opponents with her agility and speed; eluding attacks to deliver a fatal blow. She has also shown skill in hand to hand combat and great durability. Once she joined ALO, she started using her Cait Sith claws to slash and scratch the opponent.

Her fighting style is the contrary to the one of her sister, who relies on long distance with her bow.

Sword Art Online

  • Level: 94
  • HP:17000

Main Equipment


One-handed Daggers Hand-to-Hand Combat Parry Battle healing Emergency recovery
950 / 1000
700 / 1000
Leather Equipment Howl Acrobatics Sprint
870 / 1000
930 / 1000
960 / 1000
890 / 1000

New ALfheim Online

  • Level: 94
  • HP:17000

Main Equipment


One-handed Daggers Hand-to-Hand Combat Wild Dance Parry Battle Healing
950 / 1000
Emergency Recovery Leather Equipment Howl Acrobatics Sprint
700 / 1000
870 / 1000
930 / 1000
960 / 1000
890 / 1000
Knife Throwing
900 / 1000


  • Kana is based on Saxa and Akira Amatsume.
  • Her surname is the  pun between of tsuki(moon) and Hikari (light).
  • Since she's flat-chested, Kana is generaly jelous of girls with bigger breasts than hers. She likes to tease other girls by groping their breasts.

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