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Personal Info
Name Shirou Kamiya
Kanji 士郎神谷
Birthday November 12, 2001
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 142lbs
Eyes Red
Hair Blonde
Player Profile
Display Name Knight
Kanji 騎士
Romanji Kishi
Epithet King Arthur

Arthur Pendragon

VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Knight

Leader of Pendragon Court

Affiliation Pendragon Court
Status Deceased
Unique Skill Avalon(By Excalibur)
Unique Weapon Excalibur
First Appearance Sword Art Online: Clasing Blades - Chapter 5

Knight is a player of Sword Art Online, and is the current leader of Pendragon Court


Knight usually wears a complete set of golden armor with dark blue accents adorning it, with a red cape around his waist area.


Knight is the founder of Pendragon Court, forming the guild just days after Sword Art Online began. Knight was one of the more initiative of players and quickly worked rigorously to level up and become stronger. In just a few days he had reached level 20, a record only topped by Yamato. Knight quickly made his name as the strongest and most skilled knight in all of Aincrad, feared and respected for his abilities. As the leader of Pendragon Court, he makes sure the knights in his comand are well trained and disciplined.


Strict and unshakable, Knight can come off as uncaring based on first impressions. However, in reality he is fiercely loyal to his companions, and will risk everything to keep them from harm, seeing it as his duty to keep his subordinates safe from harm.



Gawain is Knight's best friend and closest ally. The two have been very close companions for a long time, and have an unshakable friendship. In battle, the two work very well together.


Knight holds Ishi in high regard, respecting his excellent combat ability and his nature. He had even taken to naming him Lancelot during his time in Pendragon Court, and calls him by that name to this day. Ishi was the only person in Aincrad able to beat him in a one-on-one duel.


Knight respects Misaki's combat ability, as well as her determination to keep others safe. Knight commonly assigns her his more dangerous tasks, trusting in her experience and ability.


Knight and Kamui had held a long standing battle against each other, as the two have completely differing ideals and personalities.


Knight is an extremely disciplined swordsman, very practiced in his art. He is powerful and swift at once, fighting as a true knight would. His skills are revered among knights in Aincrad as the best of the best, only losing once to Ishi, who only narrowly won the match.


One Handed Sword Parry Agility Battle Healing Emergency Recovery
515 / 1000
Heavy Metal Equipment Extended Weight Limit Defense

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