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Dragon Samurai



Personal Info
Real Name Shun Kazeriya
Kanji カセリヤ 駿
Romaji Kazeriya Shun
Birthday January 7th,2008
Age 14(SAO)
Gender Male
Height 1,73mts
Weight 64Kg
Family Sakura(Girlfriend, former)
Elicia(Girlfriend, former)
Player Profile
Display Name Lance
Kanji (Display) ラーンス
Romaji (Display) Ransu
Epithet "Dragon Samurai"
"Dragon Ronin"
"Green Ronin"
VR Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Second in Command
Affiliation Royal Knights
Status Deceased
Voice Actor Chihiro Suzuki
Appears In Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes
Sword Art Online: Last Light

“It’s okay...You're my brother...”
~ Lance to Galant

Lance is Galant's best friend and the deuteragonist of Sword Art Online: Past of Ashes. He is the second in command of the "Royal Knights".


He has long black hair, and an ahoge on the top of his head. The rest covers his ears and the back of his head and neck.

Real Life


Lance wears a dark green hakama.  He wears a short green scarf on his neck, and a black body armor with the emblem of the Royal Knights colored in yellow and golden extremes. On his waist, he has a green belt where he places his katana, and symbol on a belt, where he carries multiple shurikens for hunting or as an emergency weapon. He also wears forearm and leg protectors, the same as his armored, black and yellow.


Lance is a confident member of the guild, yet he sometimes is impulsive and hot headed. He has also shown the belief in honor and follows the Bushido code. He tends to be sometimes violent and reckless, taking decisions before thinking. This is shown on his leadership skills.

He has a softer side, which is in the great friendship he bears with all the members of the guild and the love he has with Elicia.

As a leader, he embraces Galant as brother but their ideals on leadership differ. Lance is more hot-headed and impulsive, while Galant is more strategic and thinks twice his moves. A power-struggle between Galant and him comes into play from time to time.


He attended school as every typical boy of his age. Among his classmates where his best friend, Galant and friends: Guinevere, Gawn, Dagonet, Bors, Percival, Tristan and Galahad. Thanks to Galahad's father, who a worker in Argus, they obtained the Sword Art Online and the NerveGear. They logged in, and soon discovered that they could not log out. When Kayaba Akihiko reveled his true intentions in creating SAO, they created a guild called "Royal Knights".



Lance is Galant's best friend, or as they say it "Blood Brothers". They were former rivals, but with time, they became best friends, almost as brothers. Still, they kept their rivalry. Sometimes they have a power struggle inside the guild, due to Lance tends to be much more hot headed and impulsive, and Galant is more a tactician and thinks twice what he would do as leader.

Besides that, they also are very close to one another, and consider each other brother, and try put way they differences if favor of their great friendship.


Elicia was saved by Lance during a Picton attack. They quickly became close to each other, this became stronger by the time, until they got married. Elicia says that Lance was the person that save her from being driven to darkness, after her guild was killed by Cerdic, and guided to show her the light from the world.

Lance was devastated after she was killed by Cynric, and swore to avenge her.


Lance had always liked Sakura. They were a couple for a short time, but broke up after she fell in love with Galant. Still, they kept their friendship. Guinevere had always had a great respect for Lance, and he replies the same. Yet, she almost always stood by the side of Galant in a conflict. He sees also in him a good friend and a person worthy of trust.


Gawn his second best friend, the first friend he ever had. They are close to each other since they were kids when they two and Galant spent long hours together. The often tease each other, especially about girls.


Lance was the very first of all the Royal Knights to face Yamato. Though he prove a good fight for him, Yamato defeated him at last, braking his right arm. Still, Lance continued holding great respect towards him. He set mind to one day, defeat him.

Kirei Kyosho

Shun has been training with Kirei longer than any other of his friends, and holds great respect for tradition and old ways, pretty much contrasting his best friend. Therefore he is favored by Kirei to replace Galant as champion.


Lance has great skill in battle using a curved sword, and specially with a katana, with a style he named "Ryūtoryū" (龍刀流, lit. "Dragon Sword Style"). His combat abilities make him the top warrior of his guild, only matched by Galant.

Following the way of Kyosho Style Traditional Martial Arts taught by Kirei Kyosho, Lance's skill with a blade raised quickly. With his level he could eve present match for Yamato Ovan. Later, inside SAO, he gained further skills, result of extensive training, missions and battles. Still, Lance's ace card is dual wielding katanas, as result of the acquiring Yokai OuRyu no Katana. While dual wielding, his skill suppresses the one of Galant and he can easily defeat monsters or bosses way more powerful than he is. However, this requires a high cost: his HP decreases faster while he dual wields. He only uses two katanas as a last resort.

Sword Art Online

One Handed Curved Blade Katana Throwing Knife Light Metal Equipment Parry
300 / 1000
700 / 1000
560 / 1000
500 / 1000
600 / 1000
Battle Healing Tracking Acrobatics Detection Sprint
550 / 1000
450 / 1000
490 / 1000
510 / 1000
580 / 1000
Music Instrument Martial Arts
500 / 1000
550 / 1000

One-handed Curved Blade Skills

Katana Skills

Martial Arts Skills

Music Themes

Lance Theme-The Last Samurai Red Warrior03:57

Lance Theme-The Last Samurai Red Warrior

Lance Theme-The Last Samurai A Small Measure of Peace08:00

Lance Theme-The Last Samurai A Small Measure of Peace


  • Lance is based on one of my best friends as well as Nathan Algren, protagonist of from The Last Samurai. His name is based on Lancelot, one of the Knights of the Right Table the Arthurian Legend.
    • The fact that his swords are based on dragons (Ryu) is because my friend loved them when he was a kid.
    • The same as Ishi, he is based on Lancelot. 
    • Lance's design is based off Shun Kazami from the anime series Bakugan: Battle Brawlers.
  • The same as his best friend, he was one of the candidates to the Dual Blades unique skill. Yet after the usage of the Yokai Ouryu no Katana's unique weapon skill, Kyukyoku Senjin Ouryuken, he was discarted.

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