Lazuline Coat
Item Info
Name Lazuline Coat
Kanji ラズリン・コート
Romaji Razurin kōto
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Item Type Armor
Sub-type Leather Equipment
Status Acquired

The «Lazuline Coat» is a coat that is in the possession of Kai. It was crafted by Ashley, from «Lazuline Skydragon Hide».

The Lazuline Coat appears in the story Truth and Ideals.


The Lazuline Coat is a blue trench coat with black leather strips running across the hems, the breast-line, and the waist-line.


Kai ventured to the 55th Floor's northern area to hunt Lazuline Skydragons for their material. After gaining 30 hides, he presented the hides to Ashley, who crafted this coat and offered continual repair service. It became part of Kai's original


Truth and Ideals


Lazuline Coat

Equipment / Leather Coat

  • Durability: 2000
  • Weight: 90
  • Requires: 55
  • Equip +40
  • Agility +38
  • Strength +22
  • Running

Known Users



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