Bloody sword levantine by robintheart-d3908cn
Item Info
Name Leveatine
Epithet Bloody Sword
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Floor 54
Quest Dragon Hunt
Dropped By None
Item Type Sword
Sub-type One Handed Straight Sword
Status Acquired

Leveatine is the reward for completing the Dragon Hunt quest. The sword not only has high power, but posses a special ability of hp drain. It is unique among unique weapons because of this property.  


The distinct marks of the sword are it's red blood color, and the purple cross on the blade. The scabbard is ornated by beautiful purple crytals. Another of the blade's features is the shining silver edge. Some say it creates light at night when drawn out.


Sword Art Online



Sword / One Handed 

Range: Short

Type: Slash

Attack: 900 - 950

Durability: 1000

Weight: 175

Requires: 65

Equip: +30

Strenght: +30

Hp: +200

Estimated Dimensions

Handle: 24 cm

Blade: 85 cm

Known Users

Samantha Hart



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