Lightning Fan
Sword Skill Info
Kanji ライトニング・ファン
Romaji Raitoningu Huxan
Weapon Skill Vendetta
Color Gold
User(s) Jareintar


This skill is unlocked by leveling the Vendetta Skill.


New ALfheim

The skill is activated by readying the sword as if to block when no entities are within a wedge that extends at a 45-degree angle for 10 meters from the player's front on either side.

The skill then resolves, the player sweeps the the sword around them and swings it around in circles as if making a shield with the sword. After spinning the sword for 5 seconds, they level the point like a lance at the intended target, and a lightning bolt arcs directly at their target, traveling 100 m/s and ignoring any and all friendly objects that interpose. Upon reaching target, all hostile entities within 25 m of target take splash damage equal to 1/10 the damage dealt to target.

If the bolt kills an entity, it will continue in a straight line until it hits another hostile and deal the rest of its damage to that entity, unless it hits an obstruction (such as a wall) first.  If the second entity is also killed, this "chain" effect will repeat until all the damage from the skill has been dealt or the bolt hits an obstruction.

Connects for a 1-hit combo, dealing 10% physical damage, 20% fire damage, and 70% electric damage. Cooldown: 60 seconds.


The largest recorded number of confirmed kills this skill has achieved is 347 (on Floor 1: the skill fired across the entirety of the floor, killing the low-level mobs on its way to the intended target: a known PKer who was taking a nap up a tree, where he thought he was safe.)

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