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Lil' Chaun
Personal Info
Gender Male
Player Profile
Display Name Lil' Chaun
Kanji リル·チャウ
Romanji Riru chau
VRMMORPGs Played ALfheim Online
Occupation Lord
Status Active
Primary Skill Hammer
Lil' Chaun (リル·チャウ, Riru chau) is the Lord of the Leprechaun race and a powerful duelist. He was elected as the leader of the Leprechaun race after winning a blacksmithing competition. Although being a wonderful smither, he focuses more on battle than crafting.  


Lil' Chaun has always been a mysterious player since he started playing ALO.  His unique avatar made identifying his gender hard and the fact that he seemed to wear female armor didn't help.  He was always out in the field, leveling his melee skills and was almost never seen crafting in town.  When the blacksmithing event was announced and Lil' Chaun entered, most players assumed he would only be able to create low level, poor quality items.  However, he crafted a high level, legendary quality broadsword and, because of this, won the contest.


A lover of combat, Lil' Chaun never misses a chance to fight other races or political rivals.  Because of his disinterest in production of player items, Lil' Chaun's advisors tend to run the Leprechaun government and trade network.  Lil' Chaun personally selected and trained each member of his honor guard; together, they are a force to be reckoned with.


Fairy Dance Arc

In ALO, Lil' Chaun once led a hafhazard raid on the World Tree near the beginning of the game.  Some players say it is only a matter of time before the Lord gets himself killed and his capital city is invaded

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