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There's a new weather forecast, folks! It's about to rain. Whether that rain is water or pain is entirely up to you.
~ Lithinlorik


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Personal Info
Real Name Kazamaki Tai
Kanji キャザマッキー・タイ
Romaji Kazamaki Tai
Birthday May 9, 2004
Age 18 (beginning of Aincrad arc)
Gender Male
Height 191 cm
Weight 70 kg
Occupation student
Player Profile
Display Name Lithinlorik
Kanji (Display) リシンローリック
Romaji (Display) Risinroorikku
Epithet Sikoxatan (Psychotic Archer)
VR Played Sword Art Online
Sacred Clock Online
ALO Race Imp
Occupation clearer
Affiliation Zeltran
Base of Operations The Loft
Status Alive
Appears In Sword Art Online: Zeltran


Lithinlorik's avatar changes from game to game; he randomizes his face and hair color and builds a character around whatever comes out. His preferred weapon is a longbow because IRL he was trained as an archer from an early age.


Lithinlorik doesn't love violence, but will use it when necessary.

In the beginning of SAO, he leveled his attack skills to a point where he could adequately defend himself, then began crafting custom teleportation crystals for a "small" fee. Due to his sister's being trapped with him, he avoided the assault team at all costs.

After his sister's disappearance from SAO, he abandoned the teleport crystal business and took to fighting on the front lines with gusto, throwing himself into dangerous situations without a second thought.


Trained as an archer from the age of six, Tai's skills are exceptional at distances under 1500m and average at greater distances. Like most other archers, he must be able to see a target in order to hit it.

Caught in SAO, his sole priority was to get his younger sister, who was also trapped in the game, out alive. He rarely let her go anywhere without him, which only caused her to try more and more often. She finally managed to ditch him, and went for the Floor 51 field dungeon with some friends. The entire party was killed in passing by Laughing Coffin, who were there for someone else.

After his sister disappeared from SAO, he became much more rash in his decision-making. More often than not, he charged into dangerous situations without thinking.  As a result, he and Jareintar got along extremely well after they met in SCO.


Sword Art Online

Trapped in the game with his sister, the two immediately teamed up and began taking monsters out together. Even when they reached higher levels, however, he wouldn't let her go out on her own. This constant bickering eventually led her to ditch him on Floor 51 and go to a field dungeon with some friends, where she was killed by XaXa, who was on his way to kill a different person.

After joining Zeltran to fill the need for companionship left by his sister's apparent death, he became impetuous and charged blindly into some rather dicey situations.

After waking from SAO to find his sister smiling down at him, he thought he had died.

Sacred Clock Online

Lithinlorik didn't join SCO until he finished school; as a result, he didn't get far into it before converting out with the rest of the guild to join Mage's Tower.

Mage's Tower

Lithinlorik completed the tutorial at the head of the pack, and quickly forged a path outward, defeating very few monsters and instead extensively mapping the area immediately surrounding the tower.


Jaidira - his younger sister means the world to him, and when they were trapped together in SAO, they teamed up for protection. The two are still good friends, even after her 'death'.

Nyssa - he met Nyssa while attempting to die in combat. The two remained friends until REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED.


New ALfheim

  • Level:90
  • HP:18500
  • MP:950

Main Equipment

  • Singing Bow
  • Full-Plate Steel Armor


New ALfheim Skill Slots
One Handed Straight Sword Parry Crystal Crafting Sales Negotiation Sprint
841 / 1000
729 / 1000
Battle Healing Heavy Metal Equipment Cooking Extended Weight Limit Archery
654 / 1000
531 / 1000
265 / 1000
761 / 1000
843 / 1000

Notable Achievements



Theme Song

Chase the Light - Two Steps from Hell

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