This weapon, Longinus, is property of Ishimura_Elite.

Longinus is a powerful Angelic weapon, and is wielded by Michael Christen as his most powerful weapon.


Longinus is one of the Trinity Weapons. Along with the Holy Nail and the True Cross, it is one of the most powerful weapons in existence.


Longinus normally takes the appearance of a black handled and bladed spear. However, when activated, the handle turns white, and the blade red, supposedly with the blood of The Savior


When inactive, Longinus carries the same combat ability as a normal spear, albeit an indestructible one. When activated, however, the spear becomes lethal against any target, including Angels and Nephilim, and especially against Demons. When activated, Longinus gains unlimited power, supposedly the power of The Savor himself. Although handling the power of the spear in this state carries risk to the wielder as well, and so the user can only have the spear activated for around 10 seconds at a time.

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