The Lord Knights were four of the most skilled and powerful Humans described in the lore of End War Online.


The Lord Knights were an assembled group of four of the most skilled and powerful Human warriors on Eden. Their ability was said to have been on par with even Nephilim, and as such were granted the titles of the highest ranking knights in the world. There were two Lord Knights stationed at each of the two major kingdoms on Eden at the time, being Alteia and Altria, and the two Lord Knights there were tasked with protecting their respective King.

Lord Knight Falken

Falken the Voidwalker was considered the strongest and most able of the four Lord Knights, and is definitely the most well known and recognized for his actions. His title was Voidwalker, and was earned due to the special soulcraft he himself developed, which granted him complete immunity to Void, allowing him to freely traverse nothingness without any negative effects to himself.

Lord Knight Ciell

Ciell, wife of Falken, served with him as second Lord Knight of Alteia. Considered an extremely capable knight, devoted and loyal, she is a trusted and commemorated knight, who worked hard for her position. Though not as famous or powerful as her husband, she was still much more skilled than her peers, and carved red streaks through the battlefield.

Lord Knight Arafel

Lord Knight Freya

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