This Character, Lucifer, is property of Fate



Personal Info
Name Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 6'0 in.

182.88 cm

Hair Black
Player Profile
Display Name Lucifer
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online(SAO)
Occupation Laughing Coffin
Unique Skill Shadow Travel
Lucifer is an antagonist of Sword Art Online: Snow and Bells. He is one of the most dangerous members of «Laughing Coffin». 


Unlike most Laughing Coffin members, Lucifer doesn't wear the traditional hooded cloak. Instead, he wears a sleeveless hoodie and covers his arms and tattoo with bandages. Along with a normal pair of pants, he wears a long belt which overlaps twice. He also covers his face with a drama mask.


Lucifer is a very cocky and anti-social figure due to his very deductive mind. In battle, he never panics, but still very cautious, therefore, never having lost a fight. The few that intimidate him, he studies, then destroys.


One of the Creators of a REALITY, Lucifer was sent out to terminate his fellow Creators after they have finished their job.


Character Song

▶ nightcore ★ Welcome to the Masquerade02:58

▶ nightcore ★ Welcome to the Masquerade

Lucifer's character song


  • Lucifer's original name was to be Tyrant.

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