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Personal Info
Name Luna
Kanji ルナ
Romanji Runa
Birthday December 8
Age 17(SAO)
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Weight 122 lbs.
Eyes Gray
Hair Platinum Blonde
Occupation Bakery
Family Chris (In-game husband)
Player Profile
Display Name Selene
VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online(SAO)


Occupation Unknown(For now)
Previous Occupation Beater
Affiliation Snow Bells
Status Alive, Survivor of the SAO Incident
Luna is a character from Sword Art Online: Snow and Bells. She is a member of the «Snow Bells» guild and former member of «Laughing Coffin». Her display name is «Selene».


Sword Art Online Avatar

During her year as a member of Laughing Coffin, she had their robe dress style.

When she joined the Snow Bells, she wears a white vest with blue sleeves. To match the her sleeves, she wears a scarf tied up to look like a bow tie and also a skirt. Finally, she wears a garter belt that belts onto her stockings.




Luna is very cheerful, often like Snow. She also likes teasing others in a sexual manner.

Her heart is very fragile, however. If she is saddened, she would lock herself up in her room, or cry, or simply hate life.


In reality, Luna was originally a baker that served European desserts. Getting access to the beta testing for Sword Art Online, she ended up being forced to work for the PK guild, Laughing Coffin.


Snow Bells Arc

The Beast King Arc


Sword Art Online(SAO)

  • Level: 94
  • HP:
  • Main Equipment: 
    • Throwing Picks
Baking Pick-Throwing Double-Handed Sword Sprint Extended Weight Limit
521 / 1000
877 / 1000
787 / 1000
Battle Healing Tracking Searching Night Vision One-Handed Dagger
996 / 1000
898 / 1000
874 / 1000
934 / 1000
443 / 1000
Medicine Mixing Battle Recovery
678 / 1000
587 / 1000



Character Song

Ladies' Code - Hate You (Sub03:33

Ladies' Code - Hate You (Sub. English Español Hangul Romanization)

Note: My view of Luna is Sojung(blonde female in video).

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