The MU-129 Thunderstrike is a Mechanized Unit based on military concepts by Vladimyr Chernovsky. It is piloted by Cassandra Lexington.


The MU-129 stands at 3 meters in height and stands on a bipedal frame. It has two arms that are capable of mounting interchangeable weapon systems.

The cockpit is partially inclusive of the arms, legs, and head as well. The head has a communications suit built into it as well as laser designator and additional cameras in case the main visuals cut.

The legs are divided into two modes. One in which the inner wheels are deployed used for long distances or rapid acceleration, the other for combat uses a four pronged strut to increase balance and reduce knock-back from the recoil of some mounted weapons.

The piloting of the Thunderstrike is entrusted to Mobius - Actual's mechanic, Cassandra Lexington. The interior has a holographic screen tied to the outside cameras, there are two control sticks for either arm, and two pedals for the legs.


The MU-129 Thunderstrike has three modes of armament, each used for different situations.

Armageddon: The Armageddon format is the basic formating for the MU-129, it contains a dual linked Minigun package on for the left arm, a 12 shot grenade launcher on the right, and an MLRS system included on the back of the unit.

Apocalypse: The apocalypse format is a frontline fighting package and includes a large high frequency blade as well as a 20mm assault carbine and a high intensity shoulder mounted laser

Annihilation: The Annihilation format is a melee based format for stealth operations and contains an Anti Material Bow, a Mass Oscilation based High frequency blade made with a Titanium blade and Tungsten Carbide edge, and a half dozen HEAT-Heat Knives.

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