Mace of Victory
Weapon Info
Kanji マセ オッフ ビクトリー
Romaji Mase offu bikutorī
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weapon Type One Handed Mace
Obtained/Made By Forged by Dagonet

Mace of Victory is an unique mace owned and used by Gawn, oad one of his principal weapons along the Axe of the Fire King. It was forged by Dagonet.


The Mace of Victory is colored silver and red, with its spikes golden. It has one spike coming of of its end and other 16 spikes just bellow of it. It's spikes are inside of it while the weapon is sheathed, and they come out once the wielder has the weapon on hand


It was forged by Dagonet.


Mace of Victory

Mace / One Hand

  • Range: Short
  • Type: Smash
  • Attack: 450
  • Durability: 580
  • Weight: 170

Estimated Dimensions

  • Weapon Lenght: 60cm
  • Handle Length: 35cm
  • Spikes Length: 5cm 

Known Users

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