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491px-Crimson Avenger Alternate

Mayu in SAO
Personal Info
Name Mayu Yatogami
Kanji 夜刀神 繭
Birthday November 18, 2007
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 167 cm
Weight 59 kg
Eyes Red
Hair Red
Place of Residence Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Student
Marital Status Girlfriend of Melzez
Player Profile
Display Name Marida
Epithet Red Queen

Princess of blood

VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation General of the KoB
Affiliation none
Previous Affiliation Knights of the Blood
Partner Melzez (in-game husband)
Status Active
Primary Skill Two-Handed Sword
Unique Skill Valor Drive
Unique Weapon Tyrfing the Buster

Marida is a level 102 player in Sword Art Online, and a former commander in the Knights of the Blood guild. After leaving, she became the girlfriend and in-game wife of Melzez. Her real name is Mayu Yatogami.


Marida is a young woman of fairly average height, with long, crimson hair reaching past her shoulders. She usually wears red or white clothing. Her main attire in Sword Art Online is a mixture between a dress and armor, with black thigh-highs and with plated boots reaching up to her knees. In the real world, Mayu ties her hair back, save for a few bangs in the front, and has deep purple eyes.
Mayu Yatogami

Mayu, after returning to the real world.


Marida is said to be a very strong-willed woman, being described by Melzez and many others as "a good leader". She has been known to show many players mercy in battle, not wanting to become a red player, or as she calls it, a "dispicable red". However, these traits are not entirely true. Marida is a very unstable person due to her tragic childhood. Because of it, she was diagnosed with a unique bipolar disorder, taking pills to balance her out in the real world. Because of her instability and her fear of how people would think of her, Mayu entered Sword Art Online to escape from her past. She is also very insecure about her life prior to SAO, but denies it , saying "it isn't the real her". She'd only ever revealed her past to Melzez, who she begins to fall in love with.


As a child, Mayu was often shunned by her father, a banker, because of her lack of talent like her older sister, Rei. She was often neglected by her father, many times going nights without dinner. Her mother would sneak food to Mayu in the middle of the night, trying not to be caught disobeying the man of the house. Her sister was the only person who openly showed affection to Mayu, defending her from abuse form their father.

Eventually, Rei decided to relieve Mayu of her burden and kill herself for her younger sister's sake. After her he sister's death, Mayu's father fell into depression and became an alcoholic. He started to abuse his daughter and wife. Finally, unable to cope with her husband, Mayu and her mother moved away. After about a year, Mayu's mother received news that her father committed suicide. All of his fortune was transferred to them, after which her mother began to show her true colors.

Mayu's mother began to re-marry multiple times, ultimately having five different fathers. Her 2nd father was very violent, so Mayu would change her personality to appease him and keep him from harming her and her mother. From then on, Mayu had to alter her behavior to meet the expectations of everyone around her. Eventually, she had changed her personality so much that she couldn't even remember what she used to be like.


Sword Art Online


Marida is extremely powerful, balancing agility and the strength of her weapons to unleash powerful attacks. She specializes in two-handed swords, and, despite the weight of her signature weapon, she is surprisingly fast and efficient.

Sword Art Online

  • Level: 102
  • HP: 30560

Main Equipment

    • «Tyrfing the Buster» (One Handed Straight Sword - Forged)
    • «Queen's Wrath» (Equipment outfit - Quest Drop)


Two-handed Sword Parry Agility Sprint Defense
600 / 1000
980 / 1000
982 / 1000
Emergency Recovery Light Metal Equipment Extended Weight Limit Detection Battle Healing
985 / 1000
883 / 1000
583 / 1000

Sword Skills

Marida invested most of her time into improving her ability to attack, despite the backlash of her two-handed sword.

Two-handed Sword

  • Avalanche - (1-hit strike) A high hitting high-level two-handed sword skill.
  • Cyclone - (1-hit strike) A two-handed spinning sword slash.
  • Snap Crasher - (5-hit combo) An original skill Marida developed. She spins in the air and smashs down to the ground.
  • Critical Drive - (5-hit combo) An original skill Marida developed. Executes quick consecutive stab and pulls back the sword. The final strike deals critical damage.
  • Waltz of the Sword - (5-hit combo) An original skill Marida developed. Slashes enemies with a penetrating cut, while moving in a similar manner to dancing.


800px-CA Cutinfull

Princess of Blood

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