Memory Alter
Soulcraft Info
Kanji メモリアルター
Romaji Memoriarutā
Level High
Race All
Attribute None

Memory Alter is a high level soulcraft in End War Online.


Memory Alter is a high level soulcraft, and requires a large amount of Anima to perform. Memory Alter is the practice of manipulating memories, allowing one to change ones or someone else's memories, transfer memories between individuals, or even relive the memories of oneself or another person.


Knowledge Transferrence

Allows for pieces of knowledge to be transferred from one individual to another. Knowledge on a certain subject can be selected and transferred to another person. Though the knowledge will be instilled in the other person, it won't be immeidately accessible, and must be discovered at a later time. Depending on how much knowledge is transferred, and the contents of said knowledge, it can take a long while to learn everything that was taught.

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