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Michael Christen
Personal Info
Name Michael Christen
Kanji マイケル·クリステン
Birthday March 26th, 2022
Age 22
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 149lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark Blonde
Family Gabriel Christen - Brother

Raphael Christen - Brother

Player Profile
Epithet High Archangel
VRMMORPGs Played End War Online
Occupation Archon of Heaven
Unique Weapon Salvation

Grace and Glory


Michael Christen is a player of End War Online, and serves the Angels as second in command of all of Heaven, and commander the armies of Heaven, and as the current Archon of Heaven. He is one of the three currently known Nephilim


Michael wears a specially outfitted armor set that consists of white and gold clothing in the likeness of the standard angel battle armor, along with a steel pauldron on his left shoulder. He wears brown boots and gray pants.



Michael Christen is respected among Angels as a virtuous and good spirited member of Heaven's army. He believes in the good of others, and is more likely to try to resolve issues without violence, but will resort to that if the time comes. He does not wish to purge humanity from Eden, claiming that there is still too much good in that world to purify, and believes that a pact between Angels and Humans can bring about peace. This makes him shunned by some of his fellow Angels, but he still garners respect due to his position as commander, and Nephilim. He believes that nobody is not worth protecting, and he works hard in order to defend others.


End War Online

  • Faction - Angel - Nephilim
  • Occupation - Archon
  • Main Equipment:
    • Salvation
    • Grace and Glory
    • Longinus

Michael Christen was chosen to be the commander of Heaven's army due to his exceptional combat ability and powers as a Nephelim. He is practiced in hand-to-hand combat, but truly shines when wielding his blade, Salvation, as well as his twin handguns, Grace and Glory. He is able to utilize Longinus to its full power for longer durations than normal, but still must be cautious of overuse.

His Nephilim abilities are drawn from Heaven, and as such he has incredibly high regenerative abilities, being able to recover from mortal wounds quickly, which can make him near invinicble unless continuously torn apart over a long period of time, or by another Nephilim or a high ranking Demon. His primary offensive capabilities as a Nephilim are his ability to utilize the powers of Light to attack enemies, being especially deadly against Demons.

Michael's Persona is named Uriel, and embodies his true self as a person who believes in protecting others above all.

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