This weapon, Mordred, is property of Ishimura Elite.

Mordred is the primary weapon of Gawain. It is named after his deceased brother, Mordred.
A Grieving Brother
Item Info
Name Mordred
Kanji モルドレッド
Romaji Morudoreddo
Epithet A Grieving Brother
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type Sword
Status Left to Ishi


Mordred is a heavy two handed greatsword. It has a grey handle with a dulled silver pommel and crossguard with a cross decoration, while the blade itself is a chrome color.



Zweihander / Two Hand

Range - Short

Type - Slash

Attack - 3000-3500

Durability - 3500

Weight - 400

Requires - 48

Equip +50

Strength +100

Agility +10

Dexterity +20

Estimated Dimensions

Handle Length: 25 cm = 9.8 in

Blade Length: 150 cm = 59.1 in

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