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Interesting,So you say you're a master of blades huh? Well how about a duel?
~ Nicola




Nyxx ALO

Personal Info
Birthday 21 September 2006
Age 17
Gender Female
Height 5"7  
Weight 56 kgs
Place of Residence Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Student
Marital Status Barbatos (In Game Husband/boyfriend)
Family Onizuka Saeko (Mother,deceased)

Onizuka Kagero (Father,deceased) Onizuka Yukiya (Older brother)

Player Profile
Display Name Nicola
Epithet Black Angel
Affiliation Knights Of Blood


Partner Xanthus
Unique Weapon Ravelt

Akane was one of the 10,000 players who were trapped in «Sword Art Online». During her time in the SAO she made various friend and was a member of the guild Knights Of Blood. She married Barbatos another player in the game. She was and is best friends with Asuna and both of them consider each other as siblings.


When she is out on quests,Akane's personality becomes slightly sadistic.She attacks her enemy without mercy,ensuring that they are wounded badly.

At times when she is not on quests,she is friendly and her personality doesn't resemble her personality on quests which leaves other players confused.She also tends to become cold when she sees girls surrounding Barbatos


Akane lived a comfortable life in her large home in Tokyo with her mother, father, and her brother. She originally went to private, boarding school before the events of SAO and before her parents died.

She logged onto SAO after she borrowed NerveGear from her roomate. She was one of the people who waited in line for the game's release. When she discovered that she and all of the players were trapped in SAO, she decided to end the game quickly. This led her to kill monsters in a strategical way. Because of her looks and ways to kill people she earned the title «Black Angel».

She is the wife of Barbatos in-game and his girlfriend in the real world.


When it comes to duels it is best not to mess with Nicola as she specializes in striking people with the correct blows, at the correct time. She is also extremely good when it comes to defense and strategies.

  • Level: 150
  • HP: 552207

Main Equipment

    • «Ravelt» (One Handed Double-edged spear - Boss Drop)
    • «Phantomsky» (Whip - Forged)


Attack Agility Stealth Defence Self healing
982 / 1000
999 / 1000
Parry Accuracy Acrobactics Singing Cooking
980 / 1000
850 / 1000
400 / 1000

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