Nights Finance is a loan company in End War Online, founded and run by Seiji Akiyama.


Nights Finance is a loan company based in downtown Halfen in Renskr. It is only really known in the downtown area, where word about the owner and his tendency to give out large sums of cash with barely any interest at all circulates. Seiji Akiyama runs the business, giving out money to complete strangers based on certain 'tests' as well as his judge of character. His interest rates fall around just 1%, and he sometimes gives away money knowing he won't get any of it back. Despite this, he never seems to go out of business or run out of money.

Akiyama's assistant, Kirie Sugihara, is the one who manages the actual paperwork and finance, usually working at the single computer at the office or out running errands for Akiyama.

Nights Finance is the primary sponsor of Aozaki Organization, and funds many of their operations in a mutual business relationship.


  • Nights Finance is inspired by Sky Finance, run by Shun Akiyama in Yakuza 4, who is the inspiration for Seiji Akiyama.

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