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Nijika Karatachi
Nijika (RL)
Name Nijika Karatachi
Kanji 枳殻 虹架,
Romanisation Karatachi Nijika
Alias Red-hot Habanero
Personal Status
Age September 13, 2008
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 162 cm
Weight 52 kg
Blood Type O
Hometown Moscow, Russia
Family Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Nanairo Arshavin (Sister)
Partner Shioko Kirigaya
Occupation Sweeper
Previous Occupation Solo Player
Affiliation Shioko's Party (Project Dreamscape onwards)
Previous Affiliation Herself (Chaos Labyrinth)
Team Shioko's Party
Rank Rank #2 (SAO)
Rank #4 (ALO)
Classification Solo Player
Character Registration NEJI-002
Virtual World Information
VR Worlds Sword Art Online
ALfheim Online

Nijika Karatachi (枳殻 虹架, Karatachi Nijika), known as Rain in Sword Art Online and ALfheim Online, is the deuteragonist of Sword Art Online: Project Dreamscape and Sword Art Online: Fairy Dance. She is also a major character in Sword Art Online: Dark Yggdrasil


Nijika was born in the sleepy city of Moscow, Russia. She was a mix of Japan and Russia. Her sister, Nanairo, took on more of the Russian part of the family. For the first years of her life, she lived happily. Until Nanairo's innate genius became apparent. The arguments began after that. Nijika's parents divorced. Nijika was taken by her mother to Japan while Nanairo went to America to culture her genius.

In Japan, Nijika got hooked on pop culture and had a part-time job in a maid cafe. She had quite an excellent singing voice and she longed to become an idol. In 2022, she became one of the lucky 1,000 beta testers who attended Sword Art Online's Closed Beta. She gave an extremely positive review of it and pre-ordered the game. On November of that year, she logged in to SAO again to discover that it was actually a death game. From there, she managed to solo her way through the floors until Shiota insisted that she join their party after the boss battle on the 53rd floor.[citation needed]


Nijika is a shy girl, shown in the fact that she constantly spied on the two strongest players of SAO, Shiota and Yuurei. She is also very skillful as she had managed to solo her way through Aincrad through 53 floors. After being constantly invited by Shiota, she gave in and joined her party. She liked to be complimented as Shiota was amazed that someone else could also dual-wield. Shiota apologized to her for taking the skill first to which Nijika found embarrassing. She soon began developing sisterly feelings for Shiota to which she confessed them on the 84th floor.[citation needed] Shiota received her warmly and told her that she will also love Nijika as a sister.


Nijika (ALO)

Nijika's SAO avatar as well as her ALO avatar

In SAO, Nijika's avatar was a reflection of her in real life except she changed her hair color to red, since she always wanted to have red hair.[citation needed] She always wore a white blouse with a black overcoat. Below, she wore a black skirt with gray leggings and at her belt her two swords hung.

Nijika (Pooka Avatar)

Nijika's Pooka avatar using Deadly Score

Nijika's avatar in ALO is a copy of her original SAO avatar because she had saved her final equipment to her NerveGear when the clearing raid party stormed the 100th floor. However, after the Svart Alfheim update, the ability to change races was implemented. Upon constant nagging from Shiota, Nijika agreed to delete her second account with the Pooka avatar and change her main account permanently to a Pooka avatar.


Chaos Labyrinth

Quest of Unimaginable Grandeur

Nijika was mentioned when the Grand Quest activated. Her name, Rain, appeared on a list of the top players of SAO as Rank #3, after Yuurei and Shiota.

Project Dreamscape

Fairy Dance


Sword Art Online

Stat Value Time
November 6, 2022
[1]End of Game (November 2024)
Hit Points (HP)250
November 6, 2022
End of Game (November 2024)

Known Equipment

Sword Art Online

Equipment Type Date Obtained Replaced With Attainment Notes
«Small Sword»One-handed SwordStart of Game«Anneal Blade»N/AN/A
«Anneal Blade»One-handed SwordLate November 2022N/A«Secret Medicine of the Forest» Quest RewardN/A
«Elucidator»One-handed SwordSeptember 28, 2024N/AGiven by Shiota after she obtained the Prismblade: ExeternaN/A
«Prismblade: Exeterna»One-handed SwordOctober 1, 2024N/A(Advanced) «Dragon of Infinite Might» Quest RewardN/A

ALfheim Online

Equipment Type Date Obtained Replaced With Attainment Notes
«Prismblade: Exeterna»One-handed SwordOctober 1, 2024Divination(Advanced) «Dragon of Infinite Might» Quest RewardNijika saved two copies of the sword data to her NerveGear, allowing for safe transfer to ALO
«Divination»One-handed SwordSeptember 19, 2025N/AGiven by Shiota after she obtained the Holy Sword ExcaliburN/A
«Divination»One-handed SwordNovember 1, 2025N/AGiven by Shiota after she obtained the Demonic Sword Excalibur MorganN/A


Sword Art Online

SKILL SLOTS (Project Dreamscape Arc)
One Handed Sword Katana Blade Throwing Parry Battle Healing
794 / 1000
999 / 1000
944 / 1000
Searching Hiding Sprint Cooking Extended Weight Limit
870 / 1000
980 / 1000
949 / 1000
First Aid

Sword Skils

One-Handed Sword
Outside System Skills
  • Skill Connect - She was insanely good at this, even Shiota had no comment when they held a duel on the 76th floor

ALfheim Online

SKILL SLOTS (Fairy Dance and Dark Yggdrasil Arcs)
One Handed Sword Dual Blades Blade Throwing Katana Parry
998 / 1000
Battle Healing Searching Hiding Sprint Extended Weight Limit
990 / 1000
998 / 1000
First Aid Cooking
981 / 1000
880 / 1000

Sword Skills

One-Handed Swords

Dual Blades

ALfheim Online does have a Dual Blades skill since Kayaba laid the groundwork for ALO, meaning that it just had to be built up from where Kayaba left off. However, this time, two people have the skill: Shioko and Nijika (although technically, Nijika wouldn't be considered as having the "Dual Blades" skill as she is a multi-wielder).


Original Sword Skills
Outside System Skills
  • Hiding - Nijika's Hiding skill is considered an OuSS because of the fact that she is unable to be traced even with a Completed Searching skill.
  • Spell Break


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