Omegus is the recessive Persona of Tyrael.


Omegus looks exactly the same as Alphus, making the two nigh inseparable. He too takes on the appearance of a male humanoid figure, equipping himself with steel-plated armour and a dark-grey battlerobe, with a shrouded hood to cover his visage. The edges of the armour are highlighted with silver lining, such as his gaunlets, his boots or his hood. A long cape rests on his back, carefully linked beneath the pauldrons. Omegus equips himself only with a large round shield, fortified with steel plating.


Omegus, as the recessive Persona, acts as Tyrael's bulwark in battle, shielding her from all attacks. He reflects the deeper and more intricate side of Tyrael, as Omegus has the ability to draw upon the power of Void. Though, like its user, Omegus is limited in the use of Void, and because of those very limitations, many think of Omegus as the weaker of the two Personas.

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