Orcir is one of the original Lords who destroyed The Undeath and began the Age of The Four Lords.


Orcir was one of The Four Lords that destroyed the Undeath and brought life to Eden. He, along with Vallheim, Loratiel, and Iraam, amassed an army to destroy The Undeath for dominion over Eden. He was known to be second in power only to Vallheim, as well as having different beliefs than his fellow Lords.

Orcir was known to be the creator of the Dark Soul, and with it, Humans.

Orcir also had ulterior motives that went against the wishes of the other three Lords. In creating Humans to inhabit Eden, he recognized the necessity for a race to bind all others together to preserve order, lest all the races eventually end up destroying one another until nothing remained. However, the other three Lords were content in seeing that their reign would last forever. In doing so, they doomed their creations as their powers began to fade. Before this, however, Orcir worked in secret to uncovering the secrets of the True Soul, and after thousands of years, finally discovered the means to greate beings that would bind all the races to preserve the order of Creation. However, Orcir was unable to create such beings, as the resulting race would harness the power of the True Soul, and thus become more poweful than even the Four Lords. Unable to create beings more powerful than himself with a soul much greater than his own, and with his power waning along with the other Lords, he managed to create one final race that he hoped would be able to carry on his legacy. This race became the Nephilim.

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