Pirate King Cutlass
Item Info
Name Pirate King Cutlass
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location 44th Floor, Tortuga Island
Quest Sailing to Tortuga Island
Dropped By None
Item Type Curved Blade
Sub-type One Handed
Status Owned

The Pirate King Cutlass is one of the strongest curved blade seen so far in the game. It was obtanined by doing the quest Sailing to Tortuga Island .



Sword Art Online


Pirate King Cutlass

Curved Blade / One Handed

Type: Slashing

Range: Short

Attack: 690 - 760

Durability: 1150

Weight: 140

Equip: +25

Dexterity: +25

One handed Curved Blade: +50

Estimated Dimensions

Hadle: 13 cm

Blade: 82 cm

Known User

Connor Brown



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