Item Info
Name Punisher
Kanji パニシャー
Romaji Panisshā
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type Assault Rifle
Status User by Dwight

Punisher is a AEK-971 Assault Rifle owned and used by Dwight Duncan. It serves as his one of his weapons in End War Online.


It is a Rusian Assault riffle, designed in black, golden and blue.

They customization include:

  • Short pull trigger.
  • Lasser aim/torch.
  • Changable sights: Holographic, ACOG, Nightvision and Heatvision.
  • left-hand handgip.
  • Bigger capacity barrel, 120 rounds each.
  • Rounds can be modified to fight weither Demons or Angels.
  • A ergonomic modified handgip.
  • Frount Mount: Granade Laucher m320.(granades are modified the same as rounds.)
  • Metal shieled(Optional).
  • Bayonet.
  • Heavy barrel, designed for long distances.
  • Silencer(Optional).
  • Ergonomic Stock, designed to reduce recoil in 110%.

Known Users


  • Regulus is a star in the Leo Constelation.

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