The QM-23 Derringer Entry Tactical Is a standby weapon of Ivan Chernovsky.


The QM-23 Derringer Entry Tactical is a modified derringer for Anti Armor usage.


  • Elongated Grip for a faster pull.
  • Snub Nosed barrel for faster draw time and faster centering between shots.
  • Magnetic Grip to leverage recoil.
  • Lead and Chromium Barrel Lining to circumvent recoil and increase accuracy at long ranges.
  • Serrated Barrel to hold in place for breaching.
  • Jingly bells, for jingly bells.

The QM-23 was modified from a stock derringer to assist in breaching operations and deal with heavy armour at point blank. The QM-23 Uses Tungsten Full Metal Jacket rounds to penetrate targets.

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