He's something more than just a man... he's more of a force than just a human. A pure exertion of will against the entire world. It's beautiful... and also terrifying.
~ Unknown

Rai Narukami
Personal Info
Name Rai Narukami
Kanji 鳴上ライ
Romanji Narukami Rai
Birthday February 14th, 2027
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 123 lbs.
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark blue
Place of Residence Tokyo, Japan
Occupation High school student
Family Tsuki Narukami - Sister (Deceased)
Tenshi Narukami - Father
Mother (Status unknown)
Player Profile
Epithet Black Lightning

Chain-Bound Reaper

VRMMORPGs Played Endless Utopia Online
Occupation Member of the Imperial Guard
Status Alive
Unique Weapon Tsukuyomi
Voice Actor Noriaki Sugiyama

Rai Narukami is a highschool student and a player of Enless Utopia Online. He is the main character of Endless Utopia Online: By Moonlight.



In EUO, Rai's outfit consists of a long black two-tailed overcoat with a high collar, as well as a gray undershirt, black pants, and black combat boots, along with black fingerless gloves.

His second outfit which he wears after [DATA EXPUNGED] sees him donning a new black two tailed cardigan coat with a gold trim, with sleek black pants and black boots, looking somewhat similar to his previous outfit, though less extravagant, to make himself look more discreet and unassuming. Over it, he usually wears a long, black full body cloak with a hood to help conceal his identity during his travels.

Real Life

In real life, Rai commonly wears the standard uniform of Tsukiyo Academy, being a black uniform with a blazer, slacks, dress shoes, and a white button-up undershirt and a loose dark blue ribbon tie around his neck.

On days off, he's usually seen wearing blue jeans, black shoes, a t-shirt, and a white and black jacket.


Rai Narukami was always an intellectual. His almost genius intelligence and studious behavior was noticed by his peers and teachers alike. As a result, he was generally liked by his teachers, but was bullied relentlessly by his schoolmates, resulting in a more closed off and distanced personality. His only solace was in his little sister, Tsuki, who he found purpose in protecting, and even with a bit of distance in his personality, he was always cheerful and optimistic with his sister. However, Tsuki never returned home one day, and Rai soon discovered afterwards that she had been raped and murdered while on her way home. The death of his sister resulted in the collapse of his family, with his mother leaving them and his father breaking down. Rai himself took the death of his sister extremely hard, and distanced himself even further from his peers, going so far as to never speak again. His loss of purpose in life drove him to contemplate suicide, making an attempt only once, but refusing to go through with it, after which he spoke again for the first time in four years after the death of his sister. His quiet and distanced personality would be carried on for years after the incident. Due to his years of isolating himself from others, he does not understand how to interact socially with others, and thus rarely speaks at all.

Rai is now a high school student attending Tsukiyo Academy, a prestigious school just off the coast of the Koto Ward in Tokyo. He earned his place there from his previous high school due to his remarkable grades, transfering there in his third year.


Rai has been contracted by the police through a special detective and associate of his to hunt down certain crime syndicates using EUO as a means of communication. To this end, the police had a Game Master give him a special program capable of tracing the IP addresses of players in order to covertly track down where these syndicates are operating from. Rai agreed to this as his associate also informed him that the man that killed his sister is among one of these syndicates, being a higher ranking member of the Yakuza, making him inaccessible to police by normal means, and though the man does not play EUO, he could be tracked down from his subordinates who do. His motives coincide with those of the police, and as such, he now acts as an agent of sorts within the game for them so he can hunt down Tsuki's killer, intent on killing him.


Rai can best be described as cold and a loner, tending to stick to himself and himself alone, and is ambivalent to the point of apathy. He has next to no social life, but is not bothered by his lack of friends, going so far even as to say that friends would only get in his way. He views otherwise virtuous traits, such as compassion, empathy, and love as completely useless to him, and that such petty things have no place in today's society. This is in fact the main reason why he was chosen as one of Dark Emperor's personal guards in EUO. According to the Dark Emperor himself, his emotionless and uncaring personality makes him "the perfect killer", though the other edge of the sword is absolutely no real sense of loyalty. To him, death is a trivial matter at most.

Rai is naturally calm and collected in all situations, and nothing causes him any distress in the slightest. The most emotion he usually exhibits is annoyance towards others. He is, however, quite formal in his body language, with a straight posture and confident stride. He is usually seen with one or both hands in his pockets, depending on his mood.

Rai Narukami can also be seen as contemplative and thoughtful, often reflecting on his life and remembering happier times of when his sister was alive and when he was happy with his family together. He will often spend nights during the full moon outside, wandering aimlessly around the more rural areas of the island, far away from the city lights, for hours on end. This is due to his sister's love for the moon and playing outside in the moonlight, a trait which also imprinted on him. He finds these walks calming and serene, and the only times he can really find solace in his life anymore.


Endless Utopia Online

In Endless Utopia Online, Rai is a rare Hybrid, and is a crossbreed of a Human and a Fiend. He is the only known practitioner of Black Lightning, combining his natural Darkness affinity with powerful Lightning, creating a deadly and destructive combination of the two. Since the combining of almost opposite elements is something hard to acomplish, he has devoted almost all of his training to his Black Lightning, thereby knowing no other element capabilities other than having some experience in Light and Fire (used to make Lightning before he perfected his technique). He also possesses an unusually high amount of Aera even for a Hybrid, most likely due to intense training in order to use his Black Lightning.

He is also able to call upon natural lightning from the sky, giving him a powerful advantage during thunderstorms. He is able to redirect the electricity in the air to either strike a target from above or redirect it through himself and shoot it forward. Calling down lightning from a storm is, however, a difficult technique to pull off and can very quickly drain away Rai's energy, but offers incredibly destructive offense. When redirecting the lightning through himself, it causes great strain on his body and is potentially damaging, but provides a more precise attack as a trade off. He is also able to compress his Black Lightning into a ball formed in his hand, allowing for an extremely powerful close range attack that causes devastating damage. 

Narukami is deadly with his twin scythes, Tsukuyomi. He utilizes the weapons with style and lethal precision, able to accurately throw the weapons out on their chains to strike distant targets, and can even spin the blades at extremely high speed to provide even more lethality, which can be further enhanced by adding his Black Lightning to them, turning the blades into lethal long range electric buzz saws. The nature of his weapons makes his combat style incredibly unpredictable, as he is able to change the direction of his blades with a simple flick of his wrist or tug on the chain, easily being able to throw his blade out and curve it into a perfect arc that slices through the enemy from behind. He can also use his blades as grappling hooks, being able to dig into most surfaces and allowing him to swing, pull himself up, or scale vertical climbs, additionally being able to pull in distant targets to himself to shred an enemy apart at close range.

Narukami also uses his intellect to his advantage in combat, calculating his and his opponent's actions in his head even during heated engagements, remaining calm and collected throughout. He has been shown to be willing to throw both caution and morality to the wind in order to break and defeat an opponent, willing to threaten innocents if he knew that it would damage his enemy, and even willing to employ suicide tactics that hurt him just as much as his opponent. These qualities especially is what the Dark Emperor prizes Narukami for, even aside from his actual combat abilities.


Music Theme

Kingdom Hearts II Soundtrack - Dearly Beloved -Reprise-

Kingdom Hearts II Soundtrack - Dearly Beloved -Reprise-