Raid on the Cornerstone
Quest Info
Name Raid on the Cornerstone
Kanji 土台石の襲撃
Romanji Dodaīshi no Shūgeki
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location 59th Floor
Objective Defeat the boss at the end of the dungeon
Boss Monument the Lord's Obelisk
Status Completed, can be reinitiated

«Raid on the Cornerstone» is a reinitiatable gathering quest. As of now, it is the only way to obtain «Cornerium Ingots».

The quest appears in the story Truth and Ideals.


The player can initiate the quest by talking to a miner inside a cottage outside the entrance of the Cornerium Mine. After a brief exchange, the miner will task the player with providing him with a «Cornerium Ingot».


The quest takes place inside the Cornerium Mines on the 59th Floor.


The player must venture into the deepest part of the Cornerium Mines, gather one «Cornerium Ingot» and bring it back to the miner.

In addition, the player may challenge Monument the Lord's Obelisk.


  • Col
  • Cornerium Ingot (1)
  • Blessed Cornerstone (Last Attack)
  • «Xovin Hammer»


Kai, partied with Lisbeth, participated in this quest to provide the blacksmith with a high-quality material so she could forge a new sword for him.

Known Attempts



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