This Weapon, Ranothir, is property of Nakuro.

The sword Ranothir is the primary weapon wielded by Haruka in "Sword Art Online: Leviathan".


Ranothir is a emerald green two-handed longsword. Like Tallwyndir, it has an upwards curved crossguard, yet thinner and longer. The crossguard itself is ingraved with a runic inscription, in an indecipherable tongue. The hilt is wrapped in lightbrown leather. The is a little thicker near the crossguard, making it a little heavier to handle at times. Ranothir glows either deep green or light green, depending on the player's mood setting.


Ranothir was copied from Tallwyndir, and the two blades share the same background story. During the purging of the swords from the database, Ranothir was among the saved blades, and fortunately came out as the least corrupted blade. Due to this low percentage of corruption, the sword was also the first to be secretly re-released into the game during launch. The sword hid itself deep within the reaches of Aincrad till a suitable wielder came along, namely Haruka.

Haruka was the first to obtain one of the blades, which she did after finishing an event boss at the end of a questline called 'The Bringer of Sleep'.

However, Haruka was met by the second wielder in the game of the swords, Kiyoshi, who forced her out of hiding after brutally murdering everyone close to her. She was spared by him, with reasons still unclear to her, but Kiyoshi did manage to destroy Ranothir. Before he could take Ranothir's shards from her, Haruka fled from battle. She later returned, on several occasions, but each attempt on killing Kiyoshi failed.

On her latest hunt for Kiyoshi, she stumbled upon the wielder of the last blade, Nakuro, and decided they would hunt down Kiyoshi together after observing a series of events.


See: Tallwyndir

The side effects are similar to Tallwyndir. Like the fatherblade, Ranothir inflicted the 'Will of Ranothir', or the 'Will of the Blade', upon the wielder, Haruka. Luckily, this effect came close to being nullified, and as such the magnitude of the power link of Ranothir and Haruka is far smaller than the other two wielders posses with their blades. Haruka easily managed to gain full control over her blade.

Unlike the other two blades, Ranothir does not posses a program inside of it, and is as such the only one in the collection that doesn't.


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Coming soon!

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