Item Info
Name Ravelt
Kanji 聖鎗 レイヴェルト
Romaji Reiveruto
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Location Floor 50 - Castle Area
Item Type Weapon
Sub-type Two-handed Spear
Status Acquired

Ravelt is a spear owned by Nicola.It was a boss drop from Behemoth


Ravelt is a double edged,one-handed spear.Its blade is pure white as snow.The spearhead is connected to the grip by a piece of incarnated gold.


Many players were interested in trying to claim this spear but failed to do so because it was guarded by Behemoth.It was finally claimed by Nicola after she defeated the boss.



Long Spear / Two Hand

Range - Short

Type - Slash

Attack -  1500-2000 (SAO)

Durability - 2500 (SAO)

Weight - 120 (SAO)

Requires - Level 62

Equip +50

Strength +45

Agility +

Speed +225 (SAO)

Estimated Dimensions

Handle Length: 30 cm

Blade Length: 50 cm

Known Users


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