Reaper's Katana
An unknown player holding the Reaper's Katana in her right hand
Item Info
Name Reaper's Katana
Kanji 死神のカタナ
Romaji Shinigami no Katana
VRMMORPG ALfheim Online
Location Outside of Spriggan Capital City, in a cave
Quest None
Dropped By The Reaper (Event Enemy)
Item Type Sword
Sub-type One Handed Long Sword
Status Acquired

The Reaper's Katana is a drop from an event enemy known as «The Reaper».  This weapn, although powerful, is mostly known for the mystery behind it.


The Reaper's Katana is a magic-type weapon, making identifying the metal used to make it impossible.  In general, this sword can be described as frightening at best; it appears to be inspired by the plot weapon of a series of outdated sword-fighting games, called Soul Caliber or something.  At the hilt, the material that makes up the blade seems to bulge outwards and an eye appears at the top of this hill.  On the side oppisite of the disgusting eye are two fang-like protuberances.  Like all weapons of the long sword type, the blade is one sided; the coloring of the weapon in general is a very dark black.  The eye at the hilt will remain closed until the user uses dark magic, at which it will stay open until the spell has finished or its effect has ended.


The event at which the event enemies, known as «The Reapers», appeared only lasted 6 hours, making it one of the shortest events in VRMMO history.  Oddly enough, there was no announcement for this event and, stranger still, there was no event quest.  The Imp, Jesse, stumbled into one of «The Reapers» and defeated it while looking for ore for the Leprechaun, Gerg.  As far as any player knows, there have been no other monster drops with the tag «Reaper's» in them. 


Alfheim Online

The Reaper's Katana is a monster drop from the event enemy, The Reaper.



Long Sword / One Hand

  • Range: Short
  • Type: Slash
  • Attack: 700-710
  • Durability: 1350
  • Weight: 150
  • Requires: 1
  • Magic Attack +50
  • Attack Speed +40
  • Evasion +48
  • Armor

Estimated Dimensions

  • Handle Length: 14cm
  • Blade Length: 96cm

Known Users

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