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Personal Info
Gender Female
Player Profile
Display Name Rebekka
Kanji レベッカ
Romanji Rebekka
VRMMORPGs Played ALfheim Online
Occupation Lord
Status Active
Primary Skill Fiddle
Lady Rebekka (レベッカ, Rebekka) is the Lord of the Pooka race and an skilled magic user. She was elected as leader of the Pookas by a unanimous vote.  She is a kind and thoughtful leader, often mingling amoung her people.      


Rumored to be the first person to play ALfhiem, Rebekka fell in love with the social aspects of the game.  In the beginning of her leadership, she attempted to make alliances with all of the other races.  However, because of the lack of exports and military forces that the race had, none of the other fairies wanted to make an alliance with the Pookas.  After this, Rebekka turned to her own people and vowed that they would show the rest of the players that they were wrong to turn down their offer of friendship.  She explained that do this, the Pookas would become the happiest fairies in ALO, to which her people replied that they would accept the challenge.



It's rumored that Rebekka is a musical prodigy in the real world

A pacifist, it is somewhat of a mystery why Rebekka and her people would ever play a MMORPG; however, it becomes clear to onlookers that the Lord and her followers have fun without battle.  Hosting at least three parties a week, the Lady Rebekka is extremely popular.  Staying within her borders, she prevents the possibility of her capital city from ever being invaded.  Despite this, she does maintain an honor guard, like the other Lords, and these are the only Pookas to equip weapons; in this case, the melee weapon, halberd, is the only weapon other than musical instruments that the race uses.


Fairy Dance Arc

In ALO, Lady Rebekka was responsible for helping her race become the "happiest fairies in ALfhiem".