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This player, Reina Otsuka, is property of The Redundant Button.

Personal Info
Name Ōtsuka Reina
Kanji 大塚玲奈
Birthday January 14, 2003
Age 19 (Beginning of Aincrad arc)
Gender Female
Height 157 cm
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde
Place of Residence Asaka
Occupation University Student
Family Ōtsuka Charlotte (Mother)

Ōtsuka Tooru (Father)

Saeki Masaru (Boyfriend)

Player Profile
Display Name Renee
Epithet The Whirlwind Blade

Wreck-It Rei (by Aramis)

VRMMORPGs Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Clearer

Guild Leader

Previous Occupation Mid-Level Adventurer
Affiliation Ursa Minor (Leader)
Partner Ashe
Previous Partner Aramis
Base of Operations Lunaris (9th Floor)
Status Alive
Primary Skill One-Handed Curved Sword
Unique Weapon The Final Thought (Scimitar)
First Appearance Chapter 1: The Day of Beginnings

You see those marbles rolling on the floor? They're yours. They fell out of your head. You're mad!
~ Renee
I don't want your pretty words. If that's all you have for me, you should go.
~ Renee

Ōtsuka Reina, known as Renee, is one of the 10,000 people trapped in Sword Art Online. She is the leader of the clearing guild Ursa Minor, and is the protagonist of the fan fiction Misfortune Made Her Sword.


Renee has long, neatly styled dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Between that and her small stature, she has been described as doll-like on several occasions.

Early on in the game she wore a light blue tunic with a leather vest and pants. She wears her sword sheath on her left hip.


Renee is a very friendly person (over-friendly, some might say), and can either get along with, or annoy most everyone she meets. Sarcastic and teasing, she is typically ready with a quick quip or two, and is shown to enjoy poking fun at her party members and guild mates.

She is out for her friends and herself first and foremost, and while she is perfectly happy to help in the moment, does not usually care for longer arrangements.


Reina: "You aren't even a little bit surprised?"
Anri: "A little, yeah. Up until Hasekura I was convinced you were lesbian."
— Anri on Reina's coming out as bi


Arc 1: Into the Fire



Ursa Minor


Renee has been Ashe's best friend since the second grade. Despite their diverging interests they've managed to stay close over the years. While their opinions don't always align on certain matters, they each fancy the other their sister. They've built up a level of comfort with each other to match, having been shown to be okay with changing in front of each other and sharing a bed.


The two met in the fields surrounding the Town of Beginnings on the day the game launched. Although they got along well enough initially, prolonged exposure to one another's company tends to lead to one of two things: arguments that go nowhere or one-sided teasing.


Rosalind and Renee didn't get off to the best start. After joining the other girl's party, the two develop a harmless, albeit mildly physical, rivalry. They both appear to enjoy getting a rise out of the other.

Legends Lost



Sword Art Online

  • Level: 12
  • HP: 987

Main Equipment

  • Pale Edge (One-Handed Scimitar)
  • The Final Thought (One-Handed Scimitar - Floor Boss drop)
  • Withered Forest Coat (Leather Coat - Player-made by Ashe)
One-Handed Curved Sword Martial Arts Light Metal Equipment Parry Sprint
970 / 1000
852 / 1000
879 / 1000
768 / 1000
Search Leather Equipment Battle Healing Familiar Communication Familiar Recovery
690 / 1000

Music Theme

Avicii - Hey Brother (Lyric)04:19

Avicii - Hey Brother (Lyric)


  • Renee has a fear of spiders, a fact Ashe has often made fun of her for.
  • In the beta Renee used a one-handed sword. She switched to the curved blade after repeatedly dying during the Secret Medicine of the Forest Quest.
  • Renee earned her epithet after defeating Rapha in a duel.
  • Renee is of mixed ethnicity. Her mother is French, while her father is Japanese.
  • Her appearance and final armour set are inspired by Witherfang, from Dragon Age: Origins.

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