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Rena Asagami
Personal Info
Name Naoto Asagami
Kanji 麻上直人
Romanji Asagami Naoto
Birthday August 2nd, 2026
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weight 120lbs
Eyes Amber
Hair Dark Blue
Player Profile
Display Name Rena Asagami
Kanji 麻上レナ
Romanji Asagami Rena
Epithet "Rena-Chan" (By Dwight)
VRMMORPGs Played End War Online
Occupation Mercenary

Bounty Hunter

Affiliation None
Partner Yamato Haseo
Status Alive
Unique Weapon Black Rose

Dual HF Knives


Rena Asagami is a player of End War Online, and is a central character of End War Online: Shattered Boundaries and a minor character in End War Online: Cobalt Bullet


Rena is mostly seen wearing a dark blue cardigan coat and a white dress shirt underneath, with black pants and white combat shoes. She also wears black fingerless gloves.

In real life, Rena wears the standard uniform of her high school, with a black top with a gray collar, along with a black skirt, black knee-highs, and black dress shoes. She also sometimes wears a dark blue scarf.


She prefers to keep her background to herself, and only her closest friends knows more than scraps about her.

It is known that her father left her and her mother when she was very young, leaving her mother to raise Rena alone, which proved to be a struggle as a single mother. Rena grew to hate her father for not being there for her or her mother, and even when he is bedridden in the hospital due to illness, she does not wish to reconcile with him. She's disclosed to Yamato Haseo that her real name is Naoto, but she hates the name as it's the name her father gave her.


Rena has a very blunt personality, being completely open and honest with people, even if it means telling people how much she can't stand them. Because of this she can often come off as uncaring and even rude to people she's just met. She is, however, not without emotion, as she cares deeply for her friends and her mother. She has stated, however, that she despises her father for not being there for her or her mother for years, and calls him a "failure as a man as well as a father".

Despite her rough and tough exterior, she is prone to the stresses of life just like anyone else, as shown when she broke down and consoled in Yamato.


Yamato Haseo

At first, Rena had a dislike towards Yamato due to his occupation as a mercenary, believing him to be uncaring about anything but his pay. However, in working with him, she began to acknowledge his skill and determination, as well as sometimes catching glimpses of his more caring side. She turned to Yamato to confide in with her difficulties concerning her father and mother when she had no one else to turn to, and developed a friendship with him due to this. She lightens up towards him after this, seeing him as a person she can trust and talk to whenever she needs. Even though Yamato is the third Nephilim she was assigned to find, she disregards her mission in order to help him find a way to free everyone from the game. He is the only person who she allows to call her by her real name.

Dwight Duncan

Rena holds a great dislike for Dwight after, according to her, he "sexualy assaulted" her while she was asleep. Dwight also has the (bad) tendency of teasing her, a thing that resulted in Rena throwing vases of flowers to him. Dwight also nicknamed her "Rena-chan". She's working under and unkown contractor to hunt him and his group down for unknown reasons.


End War Online

Rena is deadly efficient in combat, both in ranged and close quarters engagements. She is skilled in multiple types of firearms, specializing in her revolver, semi-automatic rifle, and twin machine pistols. In close combat, she is a master at hand-to-hand as well as using her HF knife, or the blades on her Razors. She is easily able to keep up with the best of them, being able to outperform Angels, Demons, and even Hybrids in some areas.

She does not know any soulcraft, and does not wish to learn.


Rena Kaizawaraiko

Rena Asagami by Kaizawaraiko


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