The RiftGear is a virtual reality headset developed by Chronotek. It is the first of the 9th generation of FullDive technology, released alongside End War Online on October 21st, 2044. 



A RiftGear headset

The RiftGear takes the appearance of a visor that fits around the head of the user. Its design is somewhat similar to the AmuSphere 2nd generation FullDive console, only bearing a more streamlined appearance with a clear blue screen over the eyes.


Similar to most other FullDive systems, the RiftGear is best used in a comfortable position, such as lying on a bed. The system is activated by user command through thought. 


The RiftGear utilizes a new form of FullDive technology that transports the users entire consciousness into the game's servers, creating an experience that is indistinguishable from real life. Unlike other systems, the RiftGear's only job is to send the user into the game's servers, where the actual game is held, thus negating the need for a game download, requiring only a special passcode in order to access the game once bought. Once activated, the RiftGear sends user consciousness to the game servers, which are governed by the new Nexus Rift Consciousness Core (NRCC), which is responsible for creating true to life levels of realism for each individual player. This sytem is also in charge of making sure player data and consciousness is not lost and is retained safely in the system until logout.

The RiftGear is normally plugged in to a power source when in use, and also utilizes the local wifi in order to play, but also possesses an internal battery and its own wifi system that is able to keep the game running in case of a disconnection from power or internet connection, allowing the system enough time for an automatic user log out and shut down, safely returning consciousness to the user.