Blazing Reapers
Item Info
Name Rios-19 and Salem-08
Kanji リオスー19 アンド サレンー08
Romaji Riosū 18 ando Saremu 08
Epithet "Blazing Reapers"
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Gun
Sub-type Revolvers
Status User by Dwight

Now you'll know why the call me Cobalt Bullet!
~ Dwight

Rios-19 and Salem-08 are twin Colt Anaconda 44. revolvers owned and used by Dwight Duncan. They serve as his principal weapon in End War Online


They are a pair of heavy customized revolvers, a that look the same but for some minor diferences: Rios is designed to his right hand, as Salem for his left. The other is that Rios is silver with skulls desgin, as Salem is black with flames.

They customization include:

  • Short pul trigger.
  • Lasser aim.
  • Multiple combat sights.
  • Muzzles that reduce recoil.
  • Bigger capacity barrel, capable of using 10 44.Colt rounds each. This rounds can be modified for battle agaisnt Angels and/or Demons.
  • A ergonomic modified handgip, desig of close quarters fighting in case he is left out of ammo.
  • Fast realoder, atached to both of Dwight's wrists.
  • On ocations, he can attach a silercer to the weapon, when he is playing stealth.

Known Users


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