Robo Fighters Online
VRMMO Information
Developer Raptor Studios
Release Date March 22, 2035
Genre Action FPS RPG
Usable Hardware RoboVisor

Robo Fighters Online is a VRMMO Action FPS RPG released worldwide on March 22, 2035.


Robo Fighters Online utilizes the RoboVisor, the Raptor Studios take on the VRGear. Utilizing the latest in VR technology, it taps into the player's mind and creates a life-like simulation that they can explore in without consequence.


In the world of Robotopia, various types of robots and machines live together in harmony, from the small Droids and friendly Bots to the majestic Mechs and half organic Cyborgs.

However, chaos plagues the land when Axiom, a giant Mech gone rogue, creates a massive army of genocidal bots he calls Mils. Using his new, deadly army, Axiom launches a full scale war on all robots who aren't Mils, declaring mass genocide on any and all non-Mils. In this bleak point of history, a rebellion is formed under the name Ion. Led by a large group of robots who resist Axiom's oppression, it's up to the player and their allies to wipe out the killer Mils and destroy Axiom, and free Robotopia!


Robo Fighters Online is a First-Person Shooter Action Roleplaying game that heavily utilizes the use of various weapons. From traditional firearms such as assault rifles and rocket launchers to more exotic weaponry such as tesla rifles and even mercury-laced acid grenades, there's bound to be a weapon fit for you!

On top of various types of weapons, each class of robot has their own unique stats and skill sets that the player can customize to their acquired taste. Wish to be a slow Mech that deals heavy damage and has strong defenses? Want to be a fast droid that can get from point A to point B in a knick of time? The possibilities are endless!


In Robo Fighters Online, there are 5 classes of robots for the player to choose from. All work alongside each other to bring down the Mils and Axiom, whether it's from forging weapons and creating armor to battling on the frontlines.


Bots are the most basic of robots. They have balanced stats which allows for customization in the field in which the player desires. Even with their base stats, they can still put up quite a fight with the Mils, being able to utilize whatever weapons they have at their disposal.


Droids are a slightly more advanced form of Bots. They have increased attack stats, but have slightly decreased stats in their other areas. Due to their increased Attack, however, they can prove to be deadly as a group for even the toughest of Mils.


Robots designed by robots, Androids are robots that were built with other robot parts. Due to this, they have increased Defense but decreased Speed and Attack. Luckily, this is balanced out due to Androids being able to use a wider variety of skills due to the fusion of other robot parts.


A rarer class of robots, Cyborgs were made when Bots and Droids decided to fuse organic tissue with robots as a means of finding balance between the organic and inorganic. As a result, Cyborgs have increased stats, but due to being made with less robot parts, have less skills than normal Bots.


The largest class of robots, Mechs are large robots that boast high Attack and Defense, but suffer from low Speed (low Speed can be remedied, however, with the use of Boosters that decrease Attack and Defense as a trade-off). Even with their stats, Mechs can still be outgunned when up against a large battalion of Mils, so it's important for Mechs to still cooperate with other robots to win.


Sentinels are the most advanced form of robots that are highly revered within Robotopia. In order to become a Sentinel, a player must defeat Axiom and reach level 100. Once you become a Sentinel, your rank resets back to zero, and in return, your robot gains increased stats and access to powered up versions of your robot's skills.


In Robo Fighters Online, there are two main factions with two sub-factions. Ion and Mils are the two major factions, and animatronics and zombots serve as sub-factions that attack both Ion and Mils, as well as each other.


The main resistance comprised of non-Mils, Ion is the major player faction that all players automatically join upon choosing a robot to be as. Upon defeating Axiom and the Mils, the player will be awarded the Ion Medal, to show off their dedication to freeing Robotopia.


The main opposition of Ion, Mils compromise of solely Mil robots, all of which have one mindset: to destroy any and all non-Mils in the name of Axiom. Due to being varied in their designs, the Mils are their own species of robots that Axiom created all by himself.


Robots that were said to have been made in the ancient times of Robotopia, Animatronics were robots that were created in the image of various animals. After Axiom declared war on all non-Mils, Animatronics from all over the land became aggressive, as they deemed Mils and Ion as invaders of their habitats. Still being robots, though, the player can attempt to capture a Animatronic and reprogram them to serve as pets, and aid them in their fight against Mils.


Zombots are the most mysterious subspecies of robots. Some say they were experiments gone wrong that were ultimately isolated from the rest of Robotopia. Others say that they were a race of robots from long ago that became infected with viruses and turned them into oil-hungry beasts. Some have even argued that they're some sort of extraterrestrial form of robots from another planet. Whatever the case may be, Zombots are highly dangerous, rushing their enemies in large groups before tearing them apart. Luckily, Zombots tend to stay within their own territories, but will kill any robots, Mils, or animatronics that come into their territory.


Combat plays as an important part of Robo Fighters Online, since all robots will be able to fight Mils and other enemies by using a wide array of weapons and skills, on top of working together.


Robo Fighters Online has a large array of weapons for the player to use, with every weapon type being useful in battle. Whether it's filling Mils with bullet holes with standard bullets to liquefying enemies with mercury acid rounds to burning enemies to a crisp with tesla and plasma ammo, there are numerous ways to cut down those Mils! Weapon types include:

  • Assault Rifles
  • Pistols
  • Rocket Launchers
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Burst Rifles
  • Auto Shotguns
  • Akimbo Guns
  • Grenade Launchers
  • Tesla Cannons
  • Energy-focused Rifles
  • Flamethrowers
  • Grenades
  • Swords
  • Beam Sabers

And so much more!


Some weapons have a specific effect that they can inflict on enemies for additional damage. Each type of effect does something that can turn the tide of battle into your favor!

  • Standard: Watch your enemies be filled up with bullet holes and suffer from decreased Attack!
  • Acidic: Your enemies will feel your fury as they erode and suffer decreased Defense!
  • Tesla: Enemies glitch out and suffer the inability to aim correctly!
  • Freeze: Enemies freeze in place as their Speed drops immensely!
  • Plasma: Enemies feel weaker as you slowly drain their health away!
  • Heat: Set your enemies ablaze and watch their armor deplete automatically!


Each class of robot has their own unique skills that you can power up and use to gain an advantage on certain enemies. Whether it's using the Droid's Charge skill to run faster or using the Mech's Missle Barrage to clear out a small group of Mils, skills are a robot's best friend!

To level up skills, a player simply needs to level up and will gain 5 skill points, which they can then use to power up their favorite skills to make them stronger. Players can get their skill points back by resetting their skill tree for a small fee.


Robo Fighters Online has only one currency, which is called Credits. Credits can be earned by defeating enemies, completing missions, selling items, and mining ore.

Credits can be used for purchasing weapons and armor, making modifications to weapons and armor, crafting weapons and armor, resetting your skill tree, and purchasing cosmetics such as colors.


Players can also mine for ore within Robo Fighters Online, and can acquire various ores that can be used to either power up their weapons and armor or to craft newer weapons and armor.

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