Archdemon Rozalin is a player of End War Online, and is the current Queen of Hell

Personal Info
Name Rozalin
Birthday June 10th, 2027
Age 18
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weight 118 lbs
Eyes Red
Hair Blonde
Player Profile
VRMMORPGs Played End War Online
Occupation Queen of Hell
Affiliation Demons
Status Alive
Unique Skill Demon Phantasm


Rozalin's attire mainly consists of a black and red no-sleeved dress with black elbow gloves and black thigh-highs with black and red heels.

She is naturally very feminine, with pronounced hips, a slim waist, and large breasts. She is fully aware of her ability to use her assets to her advantage.


Rozalin is kind-hearted in nature, but also has a tendency to be flirty and seductive with men she fancies. Though not many men strike her fancy, those that do catch her interest are usually played with, as she sees her ability to easily seduce men with her natural figure as fun, and their reactions to her advances is something that never ceases to make her laugh. She is careful about this, however, as she doesn't want to actually hurt those she plays with.

Despite her usual flirty demeanor, she is capable of being serious if need be, and is actually very intelligent and headstrong when her people are in danger. It has been shown on more than one occasion that she is more than capable of ruling over her dominion.


As an Archdemon, and current Queen of Hell, Rozalin's feminine looks decieve her extreme power. She is easily able to subdue others without so much as lifting a finger, having completely mastered her Demonic abilities. Her Soul is much stronger than normal, and as such holds power that can match other Archdemons, Archangels, and even Nephilim to an extent.

Her most powerful ability is known as Demon Phantasm, which manifests a blood red phantom of a powerful demon around her, made of pure Anima. This is used for both defense and attack, and has been compared to a Nephilim's Persona. It is bound to her, however, so is unable to attack of its own volition or away from Rozalin herself, differing it from the ability of Persona.


  • Rozalin has many nicknames that revolve around her large breast size, such as "Queen of Big Busts", or "The Bouncy Queen". These nicknames are generally not said when actually in her presence.

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