Item Info
Kanji ルディス
Romaji Rudisu
VRMMORPG New ALfhiem Online
Obtained By Given by Hao

A Rudis. A wooden sword carved with the legend of the owner. Proff of freedom and servitude.
~ Hikami

Rudis is a wooden sword given by Hao to certain players, mercenearies working for him. It serves as proff of freedom.


It's a wooden short sword, carved in the blade with ancient norse runes, which tell the history of the owner. As it is made of wood, is not very userful as a weapon.

Estimated Dimensions

  • Handle Length: 15cm
  • Blade Length: 35cm


It is a wooden sword given by Hao to certain skilled players as proff of freedom, servitude and oath of loyalty to Hao. It must remain at the player's side always.

Those players who stop carring the Rudis with them are considered traitors.

Known Users


  • In ancient Rome, a Rudis was a wooden sword given to a freed gladiator. On it, was carved with the legends of victories. It served as proff of freedom.

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