This Non-Player, Séamus MacKenna, is property of TheGRAINGERzone.

Séamus Mackenna is the younger Brother of Riley MacKenna, by 4 years (Pre-SAO 14 - Post-SAO 16 years old). He spent the 2 years of the SAO incident at Riley's bedside, angry at whoever did this to his Brother. He often took his anger out on poeple and thigs around him. His best friend, Yvette D'Arcy, was always the one person able to calm him down when he got angry. avatar standard anime bleach bleach jinta hanakari 188582 nat medium-6cc859e5

Séamus Mackenna (10 years old)

Riley and bro

Séamus and Yvette fighting with Riley (10, 10 and 14 respectively)


Brothers, Séamus and Riley, not long before the launch of SAO (14 and 18 years old)

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Séamus Mackenna during the SAO incident (14 years old)


Séamus and Yvette during the 2 years of SAO (Both 14-15 years old)


Séamus MacKenna after SAO is conquered (16 years old)

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