The SRC, affectionately named the "Silent Room Cleaner", is Vincent Kennedy's personal submachine gun in End War Online

Item Info
Name SRC
VRMMORPG End War Online
Item Type Firearm
Sub-type Submachine Gun


The SRC is a custom HK MP7 personal defense weapon, modified to be silent, accurate, and compact.

Modifications include:

  • A flip-out system that allows the gun to be folded in on itself for easy carry and immediately flipped out into its submachine gun form
  • A silencer that almost completely mitigates sound and eliminates muzzle flash
  • A compact adjustable stock and foregrip that allows the gun to be used with either one or two hands
  • A red-dot sight
  • Straight-pull trigger
  • Constructed of more lightweight polymer material, cutting down the weight to around handgun weight
  • Reworked frame to further reduce weight as well as making the gun smaller and easier to conceal, essentially turning it into a machine pistol

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