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Personal Info
Real Name Sakamoto Ichiki
Kanji 坂本一期
Romaji Sakamoto Ichiki
Birthday September 11 2006
Age 18 (16 Pre SAO)
Gender Male
Height 164.8 cm
Weight 56 kg
Occupation Student
Family Shinozaki Chifuyu (Step-Sister)(Deceased)

Sakamoto Yakou (Father) Unnamed Mother (Deceased) Shinozaki Kirino (Step-Mother) Ando Kyoko (Childhood Friend/Girlfriend)

Player Profile
Display Name  Akume
Kanji (Display) 悪目
Romaji (Display) akume
Epithet Wielder of Darkness


VR Played Sword Art Online
Occupation Guild Leader (Former)

Solo Player (Current) PK Killer (Current)

Affiliation The Elemental Sinners (Former)
Base of Operations Panareze, 24th Floor (Former)

No official Base of Operations (Current)

Status Alive (Canon), Deceased (Branching)
Voice Actor Nobuhiko Okamoto
Appears In Sword Art Online: Heaven and Hell

How about a game of Jan-Ken?
~ Akume to Gabel

They took her away from me. I'll kill them all...
~ An enraged Akume

Akume (悪目 Akume) is a player trapped in SAO and the protagonist of Sword Art Online: Heaven and Hell. He is also the former leader of The Elemental Sinners guild.


Akume's avatar has short magenta hair and has red and gold eyes. He wears a red and black jacket & a grey shirt inside. He has long white pants & standard leather shoes. He also wears black fingerless gloves.

However, after Shiroyuki's death, he changes his appearance drastically. He grows his hair longer and covers his right eye. He has a fiercer look in his eyes, and dons a black coat, with red decals and collar. He loses his black fingerless gloves as well.


Akume, at first glance, seems like the strong but silent type, but with friends, he is shown to be quite friendly. He is like that for the first half of getting trapped in SAO. As the story progresses, he continuously becomes more and more sadistic up, since the thought of being trapped in a game forever is getting to him. Then, near the peak of his sadistic personality, Shiroyuki is defeated in-game, and he is snapped back into reality. He decides to cut all contact with people he rarely talks to anyone & even leaves his guild in order to avenge his sister and stop himself from hurting his other friends. He is not afraid to hurt or even kill anyone who corners or endangers anyone close to him.


Before entering SAO, Ichiki was born & raised in Tokyo. His mother died of maternal death. During his primary school years, he convinced his father he wanted to move because of bullying. He was close to a few local friends who lived in Tokyo, but with the bullying so severe, he promptly forgot about both of them. He moved to Yokohama at the age of ten & lived there for about 5 years. While living in Yokohama, Ichiki's father started dating & married a woman named Shinozaki Kirino. Kirino had a daughter 3 years younger than him named Chifuyu. He became fond of his new sister since they both shared an interest in video games and anime. His new step-mother then developed cancer and died in 2019, this left him sad, but this moment led to him wanting to protect Chifuyu. In 2022, he & his family moved back to Tokyo & attended school there. Later in the year, he purchased 2 Nerve Gear units.


Shinozaki Chifuyu

Chifuyu is Ichiki's younger step-sister. Even though he only first met her less than 5 years, he grew really fond of her since they shared the same interest in games and anime. She is the closest person to him & he will do anything to protect her. Ichiki is really protective so when the latter dies, he becomes devastated to the point of rejecting all those around him.

Ando Kyoko

Kyoko was Ichiki's first friend. He first met her when she was attempting to stop bullies from hurting him. She approached him the day after to thank him and after that started hanging out together. She becomes Ichiki's main love interest further on in the story.

Ando Kyoshi

Kyoko's father. They met when Ichiki hurried Kyoko to the nreaest hospital after the encounter with the bullies. Kyoshi happened to be one of the highly respected doctors there.

Kinashita Takeru

Another childhood friend of Ichiki's before Kyoko. They were quite fond, however, due to his father's work, Takeru was forced to move away, without the chance to say goodbye.


Sword Art Online

  • Level: 95
  • HP: 18250

Main Equipment

  • «Iron Longsword» (One handed Straight Sword - Bought from 2nd Floor NPC)
  • «Platinum Destoryer» (One handed Long Sword - 15th Floor Mob Drop)
  • «Lucifer Blade» (One handed Straight Sword - One handed Snake Blade - Player Made by Akume)
  • «Basic Leather Coat» (Leather Coat - Bought from 3rd Floor NPC)
  • «Hellspawn Coat» (Leather Coat - 52nd Floor Side Quest Reward)
  • «Rune of Darkness» (Mystical Rune - 29th Floor Side Quest Reward)
  • «Aqua Annihilator» (Received from Shiroyuki via trade)
  • «Leviathan Aquamatrix» (Obtained by combining The Lucifer Blade and Aqua Annihilator)


One Handed Straight Sword One Handed Snake Blade Two Handed Long Sword Slash Weapon Forging Martial Arts
856 / 1000
783 / 1000
Parry Battle Healing Sprint Straining Extended Weight Limit
910 / 1000
708 / 1000
605 / 1000
500 / 1000
Hiding Metal Refining
625 / 1000
723 / 1000

One Handed Sword Skills

  • Slant
  • Vertical Arc
  • Snake Bite
  • Vorpal Strike
  • Sonic Leap

Unarmed Skills

  • Embracer
  • Gengetsu

Darkness Aura Skills

  • Venom Cloud
  • Dark Clone
    • Darkened Sonic Leap
    • Darkened Vorpal Strike
    • Darkened Slant
  • Hellfire Armaggedon

Unique Skill


  • Akume was originally supposed to be an anti-hero with a sadistic personality, but was later changed after Shiroyuki was created
  • Akume's attire was slightly based on Yagami Iori's attire from KOF XIII, except the red and black of his jacket has been swapped.

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