This Unique Skill, Shīsukenjutsu, is property of Taoisac.

Shīsukenjutsu (シース剣術,The Art of the Sheathed Sword) is a Unique Skill in Sword art Online that allows the user of unique Sword Skills that are executed with a sheathed blade.

Sword Skill Info
Name Shīsukenjutsu
Kanji シース剣術
Romanji Shīsukenjutsu
VRMMORPG Sword Art Online
Weapon Dragon's Fang
User Strata


According to Strata it has 7 techniques to the Shisukenjutsu Skill, making it the skill with the lowest amount of techniques in the game.

  • Kekkai (breakdown): 3-hit combo
  • Kinsei (balance): 4-hit combo
  • Senkou (flash): 9-hit combo
  • Souken (creation): 7-hit combo
  • Tentou (reverse): Defensive skill
  • Zenkai (complete destruction): 18-hit combo


A skill that allows one to attack using a sheathed sword.

  • Attack Speed Bonus: 1.75x
  • Weapon Offense Bonus: 1.50x
  • Cooldown Time Bonus: 1.25x


The only known user of this particular skill is Strata.


  • This skill is unique to Strata as he is the only player who can use it.
  • According to Strata (Yuta) it's the skill with the least amount of techniques.
  • Currently all but 1 of its techniques have been revealed.

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