Weapon Info
Kanji シバキ
Romaji Shibaki
VRMMORPG New ALfheim Online
Weapon Type Whips

Shibaki are whips owned and used by Whipper as his principal weapon in New ALfheim Online


They are long studded tentacle-like whips, which are attached to the armor of Whipper. They are made of small circular layers made of Hellkarium.



Whips / One hand

  • Range: Long
  • Type: Slash, Grab
  • Attack: 690-700
  • Durability: 1570
  • Weight: 100

Estimated Dimensions

  • Short Length Whips: 2-3 mts
  • Middle Length Whips: 5-7 mts
  • Long Length Whips: 8-10 mts

Known Users


  • Shibaki means scourge in japanese.

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