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Souichi Kuroto
Personal Info
Name Souichi Kuroto
Kanji 黎斗惣一
Romanji Kuroto Souichi
Birthday February 13
Age 20 (EBO: Resume)
22 (HRB: Revenge)
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 205 Lbs
Eyes Red: Mahogany Red
Left: Devilish Blue
Hair Black
Unusual Features Heterochromia
Occupation Professional Programmer
Nexus Theory Programmer (formerly)
Marital Status Single
Family Satoshi Kuroto - Brother
Player Profile
Display Name Omen
Kanji 前兆
Romanji Zenchō
Epithet Ruthless Reaper
VRMMORPGs Played Gun Gale Online, Hazard ReBurst
Occupation Game-Breaker, Mercenary
Partner Kazumi Gentoku
First Appearance Hazard ReBurst: Revenge

If you think you can take me down, then come at me.
~ Souichi's pre-fight catchphrase

Souichi Kuroto is the older brother of Satoshi Kuroto, who helped him form the [REDACTED] group to recreate the events of SAO inside a new game. His skill in coding was necessary to help them secure the data required to pull this off, requiring that Souichi be an employee of Nexus Theory in order to do so. Thus, he temporarily used the name "Masamune Isurugi" while acting as a Nexus Theory employee. After [REDACTED], Souichi dove into EBO's sequel, Hazard ReBurst, and decided to test the person who defeated his younger brother.


Real Life/Gun Gale Online Avatar

In reality, Souichi keeps his hair unkempt and combed to the left. Like his younger sibling, Souichi has heterochromia, with his left eye being devilish blue and his right eye being mahogany red. Normally, he is seen wearing business suits with green and/or red ties since he is often working with his parents, making business deals that they are unable to personally attend to. His casual wear consists of black jackets, a dark grey shirt, dark grey jeans, and black combat boots.

Much like his younger brother, Souichi played GGO to accommodate himself with VRMMOs and firearms. His avatar wears an all-black combat suit, with gunmetal-grey armor on his arms, shins, and chest; black combat boots with the same gunmetal-grey armor; and a black helmet with a pale gold visor and red and green wire designs integrated throughout the suit and mask. The armor itself is much similar to his brother's, as their entire group of 4 dived into GGO in order to train themselves with guns and give those without any experience in VR games some knowledge on the physics of the virtual environment. As such, His combat suit's gunmetal armor shares the same design as his brother's, with piston-like additions to some of his armor and some camouflage designs throughout the combat suit. He also purchased a Metamaterial optical camouflage mantle like his younger sibling, using it to appear in the middle of a firefight and confuse opponents before disappearing like a ghost.

Hazard ReBurst

In Hazard ReBurst, Souichi uses the data of his brother's EBO avatar, after saved the data to a his PC and porting it over after making the necessary adjustments to the coding himself and implementing it into the game. As such, his unarmored design resembles Satoshi's outfit: a brownish shirt, black pants with gunmetal-grey camo patterns, and black gloves on both hands. A gunmetal-grey zip hoodie with a black leather jacket is worn over his shirt, with armored greaves, and an armored vest. His changes include resizing the outfit to match his slim, taller figure, some minor changes in the color and a reduction in the amount of armor worn. In addition, the leather jacket extends into a three-tailed coat with red and green wires running down the coattails.

When Souichi transforms into his armored form, he equips a medium-weight armor predominantly black with silver flecks, green details, and purple cracks; the black of his armor is pure darkness, absorbing almost all light save for a very small percentage. The coat he wears remains three-tailed, gaining green lines resembling circuit lines traveling up the coat. The armor itself is sleek and militaristic, blending the silver flecks into the pitch-black suit to create a starry night-like background as well as various purple-colored cracks throughout the suit. Since his avatar uses data from his younger brother's avatar, the shoulder armor from the Level 50 Form Satoshi used in EBO is carried over, featuring spiked shoulder pauldrons with a slimmed-down design. All throughout Souichi's armor are purple cracks, with white-and-green hazard striping on his legs and arms. His armor also vaguely resembles the robotic zombie form that Satoshi used to use, with the pistons on the side of his shin armor, and right arm. He bears an asymmetrical design for his arms, showing hazard striping on the armor itself and biohazard symbols on the pistons of his right arm while his left arm shows cracks only. His mask is sleek and is divided into a manner similar to a biohazard symbol, with spikes protruding from it and sweeping backwards. After acquiring [REDACTED], the original belt buckle on this suit is replaced by it. His transformation sequence also changes from a mist solidifying into his armor to a portal to an empty void opening underneath his feet, rising upwards while generating the armor before closing above his head as the mask clicks into place.

Upon acquiring the [REDACTED], Souichi's transformation sequence changes heavily. Previously, a dark mist would surround him before solidifying into his armor. Now, the void portal stays open longer as it generates his undersuit before spitting out the armor plating as it magnetizes to the suit and snaps into place. In this form, his armor retains the pitch-black and silver-flecked armor, which is now stylized as sharp, spiked armor over a dark-silver undersuit with pure black circuit lines. The cracks are gone, as if the transformation had repaired them. His coat lacks the green circuit lining, instead featuring the same silver specks as the rest of his armor. His mask is plain, featuring a central node that glows amethyst with various amethyst cracks spreading throughout and slicked-back spikes. The upgrade to this form using nearly the exact same set up simply replaces the portal with a black hole that will then fuse to the armor itself, distorting the silver specks into silver streaks running across the suit.

Eventually, he gains the [REDACTED] on his left arm, which takes the form of an onyx-armored gauntlet with an amethyst gem embedded in the armor on the base of the hand and various gunmetal-grey spikes sticking outwards. The gauntlet also features a gauge on the underarm, which displays how much boost Souichi has built up at the moment.

In this form, Souichi's coat takes on a ghastlier, torn-up appearance with a supernatural gust of wind keeping the coat floating around like a ghost. His armor remains very similar to his original upgraded form: pitch black with silver flecks within creating a design akin to the void of space. The green and purple disappear, instead having amethyst gems appear on his chest and left arm. His mask gains a moon-like crest on it while his visor transforms into a sleeker, skull-shaped design colored dark silver and outlined in dark purple.

Upon releasing the full power of [REDACTED], Souichi transforms into [OVERRIDDEN]. His entire armor becomes pitch-black, with the silver specks in the suit turning into silver circuitry-style lines running down his suit. A tattered, worn overcoat with a ripped hood draped over his mask. Speaking of, his mask becomes skull-like, even more so than his counterpart's mask. The silver skull is shrouded in a black too dark to see through, combined with the hooded draped over the mask, creates an ominous aura. The amethyst gems embedded in his [REDACTED] appear all throughout the armor on his chest plating, shoulders, and knees. Black and silver hazard striping runs all over the armor with two scythe-like protrusions curving outwards on his back.


Souichi spent his time with his parents, helping them run their company with small errands here and there. Eventually, he grew to understand the world of business while learning how to program and code. When he was at home, he'd share his stories of the world with his little brother Satoshi. He'd explain to the younger sibling how cold and calculating business transactions were, how there was little to no care taken into consideration regarding the employees. Normally, one would try to right these wrongs, but Souichi and Satoshi began to develop an untrusting, cynical mindset. They began to view people as pawns, and took separate paths to learn how to manipulate people. Souichi learned from directly negotiating deals with or for his parents, while Satoshi read about the psychology of people and how to exploit them. Both practiced these manipulative techniques before the little brother ended up in trapped in SAO for 2 years; even in-game, Satoshi continued to learn how to manipulate people, putting to use his gathered knowledge on the players within SAO. In the time that Satoshi was trapped in SAO, Souichi was learning the art of business and coding. Once Satoshi returned to reality, Souichi was the first to visit him during his recovery, filling him in on the two years he missed in the real world; just like when they were little boys. During Satoshi's recovery, the two brothers concocted a plan to recreate SAO just as Satoshi described to his older sibling, taking his skill in coding to help them achieve their goals as well as the assistance of two girls who they happened to befriend at the hospital.

Gun Gale Online

He joined GGO with the other members of their hacker group to get accustomed to virtual reality. He decided he'd borrow a bit of his little brother's visual aesthetic when designing his avatar, thus creating a dark reaper who shot his opponents down without hesitation. Here in GGO, Souichi earned his epithet as the "Ruthless Reaper," perfectly describing his character with two simple words.

Hazard ReBurst

After hearing that his little brother was defeated in their EBO plan, Souichi grieved for a brief period of time. Despite not caring about anyone, Souichi and Satoshi did care about each other; after all, they were brothers, and they shared similar mentalities. Once Nexus Theory released their next game, Souichi decided to avenge Satoshi, as well as test the man who bested his brother for himself.


Much like his younger brother, Souichi is cynical and manipulative. At first glance, he appears to be a laid-back, enthusiastic individual who is very sociable and doesn't mind the company of others. Deep down, he's thinking about how to best manipulate these people to achieve his goals without the slightest concern for their feelings, goals, and/or ambitions. While Satoshi was anti-social and quiet, Souichi embraces conversation, weaving carefully-crafted lies into his words and constantly spouting out half-truths. He especially enjoys when his so-called friends fight amongst themselves thanks to his words, but very much enjoys watching them hurt each other physically and/or emotionally. His friends applaud on his amazing sense of humor whenever he cracks a joke, which is often. However, the truth about him is far worse than being a simple liar.

In reality, Souichi is cruel and ruthless, showing no regard for human life and viewing his friends as simple test subjects. When things going according to plan, of course Souichi is delighted from his plans proceeding along the scheduled route. Upon meeting a foe able to match his power, Souichi takes an interest in them and proceeds to observe their growth. All Souichi truly wants is for someone to try to stop his plans, as he has grown bored with being successful in almost all of his endeavors. While this may seem ridiculous, Souichi has had success for the majority of his life and wishes for just one major defeat to give him the motivation to live to his fullest.


Gun Gale Online

Main Equipment

  • A pair of H&K Mk.23 pistols with extended magazines, underbarrel laser aiming modules, and suppressors.
  • H&K MP7 with suppressor, 40-round mag, and modified stock.
  • Grapnel Gun, custom-made
  • Combat knives
  • Metamaterial Optical Camouflage Mantle

Hazard ReBurst

  • Occupation - Game-Breaker/Mercenary - Lieutenant of Exiled
  • Main Equipment
    • TBA


  • Souichi is a part of his little brother's hacker group, with the final member joining him in Hazard ReBurst.
  • His birthday is supposed to on Friday the 13th.