Stardust Mirage
Sword Skill Info
Kanji スターダスト・ミラージュ
Romaji Sutādasuto Mirāju
VRMMORPG New ALfheim Online
Weapon Skill One-Handed Straight Sword
Color Green, Blue, Red, Yellow and Orange

~ Galant

Stardust Mirage is a multiple hit, one-handed straight sword category Original Sword Skill in New ALfheim Online. It was created by Galant.


When Galant activates this skill, other "Stardust Phantom Clones" of him appear, that match Galant in appearence and weapons. Their number depends on the number of Galant's teamates, but their can be from one to four. This clones begin to shine in different colors: Green, Blue, Red, Yellow and Orange(Galant himself also begins to shine with one of this colors). They, are also capable of using sword skills, but they are not as strong as the orginal Galant.

Afterwards Galant and his clones and attack the opponent. Each clone can make a single attack, after it the banish in the air. The attack can also be used to confuse the atacker/s of him, since just one of them is Galant, the others are Stardust Clones.



  • It is based on Shooting Star Dragon's attack of the same name, and the same effect.
  • Due to it's condition to use it, Galant rarely uses this attack. Most likely, he uses this attack on situations he is with other people.

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