This Series, Sword Art Online: Clashing Blades, is property of Ishimura Elite.

Sword Art Online: Clashing Blades is a fanfiction story written by user Ishi


The story is centered around Ishi, and his journey in Sword Art Online.

Chronologically, it is the third in the series, preceded by Sword Art Online: Last Light and succeeded by End War Online: Shattered Boundaries.


Clashing Blades - Arc 1 - Prologue - Chapter 8

Clashing Blades - Arc 2 - Chapters 9 - 12

Clashing Blades - Arc 3 - Chapters 13 - 17

Clashing Blades - Arc 4 - Chapters 18 - 21

Clashing Blades - Arc 5 - Chapters 22 - 26

Clashing Blades - Arc 6 - Chapters 27 - 31

Clashing Blades - Arc 7 - Chapters 32 - 35

Clashing Blades - Arc 8 - Chapters 36 - Epilogue


Music Theme

Guilty Crown "βios"04:39

Guilty Crown "βios"

Most Heartful OSTs Ever Flow03:30

Most Heartful OSTs Ever Flow


Most Heartful OSTs Ever Krone05:34

Most Heartful OSTs Ever Krone


"Into A Dream" epic, emotional, orchestra, vocal04:33

"Into A Dream" epic, emotional, orchestra, vocal


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