This Series, Sword Art Online: Last Light, is property of Ishimura Elite.

Sword Art Online: Last Light is an upcoming fanfiction story. It is a prequel to Sword Art Online: Clashing Blades. It is a shorter arc than Clashing Blades, taking place over less than a year.


The story revolves around Yamato and his fight against his former friend Majora, as well as Yamato's past and his future.

Chronologically, it is the first in the series, succeeded by Sword Art Online: Reaper, then Sword Art Online: Clashing Blades and then End War Online: Shattered Boundaries.


Last Light - Arc 1 - Prologue - Chapter ?


Music Theme

Corpse Party - Shangri-La05:22

Corpse Party - Shangri-La

Mirai Nikki - Filament HD lyrics04:19

Mirai Nikki - Filament HD lyrics

Heartful OSTs - Luna03:18

Heartful OSTs - Luna

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