This Story, Sword Art Online: Leviathan, is property of Nakuro.

"Sword Art Online - Leviathan" is a fanfiction series (being) written by user Nakuro.


The story is centered around Nakuro, who battles the 64th floor of Aincrad Castle. On the frontline, he meets old and new friends alike who work their way to the floor's final bos, the Leviathan. Though soon enough, the young player's path darkens, and the death game changes his life forever...


Leviathan - Arc 1 - Prologue - Chapter 6

Leviathan - Arc 2 - Chapters 7 - 11

Leviathan - Arc 3 - Chapters 12 - 17

Leviathan - Arc 4 - Chapters 18 - 21

Leviathan - Arc 5 - Chapters 22 - 24

Leviathan - Arc 6 - Confirmed!

Leviathan - Arc 7 - Confirmed!



Themes can be chosen at random. These are some of the songs I used while writing, to help inspire me and provide some background music to the scenes I was writing at the time. Mostly these themes fit the opening or the ending of Arcs, so you know when you could pick one of these songs. Enjoy!

-Opening Theme 1-

-Opening Theme 2-


-Ending Theme 1-

-Ending Theme 2-

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